Cyberpunk 2077: Beat On The Brat Choices And Consequences Guide

Should you Throw the Fight or Not in Cyberpunk 2077? Find out the Beat on the Beat Choices & Consequences guide for the finale fight.

Throw the Fight or No Way I’m Out – which choice to pick in Beat on the Brat and what are the consequences? We will explain the best choice you should make and the outcomes of both in this guide. When Coach Fred, a boxer coach, makes you fight in matches, there will be one at the Grand Imperial Mall in Pacifica. There, you will get the option to throw the fight or continue fighting. Here’s what you should actually do.

Should you Throw the Fight or Not? (Beat on the Brat Choices)

  • Throw the Fight: When you choose the option to throw the fight by picking “I’ll do it”, you will do as you said. You will get defeated by Razor and you will get some extra money because that’s what Coach Fred proposes to you. Even if you fail after actually trying to fight, the coach will assume that you threw the fight. Extra moolah either way.
  • No Way I’m Out: If you end up choosing No Way I’m Out, you will have to fight Razor and win which is quite tough. You may have a difficult time dealing damage to Razor even if you have Gorilla Arms. We’ll be covering a guide on the strategies on how to beat Razor so keep an eye out for that.


What’s the best choice?

There’s not much money involved if you win the fight with Razor and the honor is not worth anything. So, the easier option is to simply throw the fight and get that extra cash. But if you are looking to get more Street Cred then choose to continue with the fight and defeat this enemy. In case you want to earn money fast, we’ve got an infinite money glitch and an unlimited money exploit featuring Vending machines that you can use.

That’s all about the Beat on the Brat choice and whether you should throw the fight or not. While you are here, don’t miss out on our Cyberpunk 2077 wiki which has a collection of hidden tips, tricks, cheats and quest guides you need to know.