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Cute Roblox Avatars For Boy & Girl (January 2023)

Looking to switch up your appearance in games? Try any of these cute Roblox avatar bundles for boys and girls.

Searching for some cute Roblox avatars to level up your look in games? This guide will give you the inspiration you are looking for. Since your avatar model can represent your real-life personality, you can customize and personalize them by choosing your clothing style, accessories, skin color, expression, and more. Here are some ideas for boys and girls!


Cute Roblox Avatars for Girls (January 2023)

These are some nice, cool, emo, weird, quirky, preppy and aesthetic avatars and outfits you can choose for yourself in Roblox and be even more popular among friends. Click on the headings to directly get to the official page of the bundle.




Claire has a cute, summery look with a pink outfit, pink-rimmed sunglasses and blonde hair. If you’re going for a carefree beach-bum aesthetic, then this one is for you.




Cindy is fashionable and knows exactly what looks good on her. She’s cool, confident, and purple is her color.




Serena loves fall and is dressed for her favorite time of the year. She’s got an awesome cap, a scarf, boots and a coat to match.



If you’re going for a nerdy look with red hair, black specs, a casual outfit and cute shoes, then you may love this one.

Alana of the Stars (250 Robux)

alana of the stars

While this bundle isn’t free, she’s very unique. Roblox added new styles of models as avatars due to which you can go for such detailed models if you don’t like the blocky ones. She’s got a third eye on her forehead and space-themed pink hair buns. You will certainly stand out from the crowd with this avatar.

Gang O’ Fries (250 Robux)

gang o fries

Who doesn’t love fries? If you love fries way too much, it’s time to become them in-game! This cute roblox avatar features a bunch of fries with various funny expressions.

Jester Equinox (250 Robux)

cute jester outfit roblox

This look is packed with well-known jester elements like sun, crescent moon, stars and colors! J’adora the Jester loves mischief and looks super cute while she’s at it.

Blazeburner (250 Robux)


She’s tiny, her cyborg-style look is futuristic and she will look very cool in games.

Axie (250 Robux)

axie cute roblox avatars

Love Axolotls and identify as an oddball? You can be an adorable version of one on Roblox through this outfit.

Red Panda (250 Robux)

red panda

Not a fox, not a bear…it’s a cute red panda with attitude!

Longlong the Lucky Ox (500 Robux)

longlong lucky ox

This bundle costs a whopping 500 Robux but if you like the way its cute head looks, it’s worth the spend.

Cute Roblox Avatars for Boys (January 2023)

Here are some of our suggestions for the most unique, cool, aesthetic, and cute avatars to equip and use.


junkbot roblox avatar unique

This is a unique Roblox avatar that’s available for free! If you loved toy robots as a child, you can “dress up” as one in Roblox through this outfit bundle.


casey roblox avatar for boys

Casey looks like a chilled-out dude with his sunglasses, plaid shirt, blue jeans and white shoes. He gives off fashionable, popular and fun vibes.



Dennis has a cute expression, big muscles and spiky hair. He sports a t-shirt with the iconic Roblox logo, so if you spend a lot of your time on this platform and his look resonates with you, go for this one.



Want to take your spikey hair even higher? Go for Oakley’s hair! He gives off cool and nerdy vibes and he looks like someone who can be your best friend.



While his name may be ordinary, his look is far from it! He’s got a funky shirt on and an all-black ensemble. Looks very cool, in my opinion!

The Gnomsky Brothers (400 Robux)

gnomsky brothers avatar

The Gnomsky brothers ran away from the circus to pursue their dreams and having this stack of bros as your avatar is going to make you the talking point of every Roblox game.

Snow Gentleman (400 Robux)

snow gentleman

This is surely one of the most unique Roblox avatars to have! The monocle, moustache, and top hat brings the entire look together. And…no feet!

White Collar Dog (350 Robux)

white collar dog

Everyone loves dogs but a dog in a suit and tie? Even better!

BONUS – Piggy Outfit (250 Robux)

piggy roblox avatar

If you’re a fan of the super-hit Roblox game, Piggy, then this avatar will be perfect for you. Fellow players will be shocked to see this iconic look of a pig with one black eye, one red eye and a baseball bat.

We will update this guide with more awesome avatars soon, so check back often. While you are here, make sure you check out our massive list of Roblox Codes on Gamer Tweak.