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Overwatch 2 Dating Sim: Cupid Hanzo Skin & Loverwatch Rewards

Here's everything you should know about the Valentine's Special Cupid Hanzo Skin in Overwatch 2 along with the new Dating Sim, Loverwatch.

Love is in the air with the Cupid Hanzo cosmetic. Like every year, Blizzard is all set for the special Valentine’s event. Not only do we have event-specific skins but also a new Loverwatch – Online Dating Simulator Game. That being said, this year’s Valentine’s Day is going to be engaging for gamers. There is a Cupid Hanzo skin to collect along with other delighting rewards from Loverwatch in Overwatch 2. Here is everything you should know.

How to Get the Cupid Hanzo Skin in Overwatch 2?

How to Get the Cupid Hanzo Skin in Overwatch 2

As of now, the only way to get the Cupid Hanzo Skin is by purchasing it. Unfortunately, you will have to spend 1500 Overwatch Coins to get this skin from the in-game Shop. It will be available once the Ultimate Valentine’s Event kicks off on 14th February 2023.

How to Play Loverwatch – Overwatch Dating Sim

You can play Blizzard’s latest online Dating Sim by accessing the Loverwatch.gg website. Wherein, you have to log in with your Overwatch 2 Account and participate in the text-based interaction alongside your Wingman, the Cupid Hanzo.

How to Play Loverwatch

While playing Loverwatch, you can choose to woo either Genji or Mercy (depending upon your choice). With frequent advice from Hanzo, you won’t find any difficulty in selecting the correct dialogue options for smoother progression.

If you choose to date Mercy, then keep in mind to select kind and affectionate dialogues. Ensure that you do not hurt her feelings by any means necessary. Whereas, while dating Genji, opt for dialogues that give reassurance to him. This is because Genji questions himself a lot and a support system is always welcomed.

How to Get the Secret Ending in Loverwatch?

How to Get the Secret Ending in Loverwatch

You will unlock the Secret Ending in Loverwatch once you date both Genji and Mercy. After both runs, start a new game to finally unlock it. In the Secret Ending of Loverwatch, it is revealed that Hanzo has been your soulmate all along. This is where both of you completely earn each other trust and get some really special rewards.

All Loverwatch Rewards and How to Redeem them in OW2?

Here are all the Rewards that you will receive in Overwatch 2 by playing Loverwatch:

  • Genji’s Peace Title (Date Genji for this reward)
  • Mercy’s Angel Title (Date Mercy for this reward)
  • Valentine’s Card (Character Specials)
  • Cupid’s Arrow – Intro + Title (Unlocked after Completing Secret Ending with Cupid Hanzo)
  • Cupid’s Kiss Highlight Intro (Available to equip in OW2 after the Secret Ending)

Once you have received the rewards, head over to the Rewards option in Menu. From there, click on the Redeem button to receive what you have earned. The rewards will be transferred to Overwatch 2 within 48 hours.

Thankfully, this is pretty much it about the Cupid Hanzo Skin & Loverwatch Rewards in Overwatch 2. Also, if you are a regular Overwatch 2 player, then you should take a look at our Wiki Guide.