CK3 Marriage Guide: How To Marry In Crusader Kings 3

In this CK3 Marriage guide, you will know how to marry in Crusader Kings 3 and set up Marriages/Betrothals for characters.

Marriage is important in the life of a ruler because it will keep your legacy going with a heir or give you a strong political advantage due to alliances. No matter what your reason is, marriage will be an important milestone in your life as a king. So in this C3 Marriage guide, we will explain how to marry in Crusader Kings 3 and what you need to consider before getting married.

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Crusader Kings 3: How to Marry (CK3 Marriage Guide)

As we mentioned above, you have two advantages from marriage. You can go the route of arranged marriage if you want to form a powerful alliance that you can benefit from when you need it. You will receive support in wars due to this and they can turn things around for you.

Another reason of having a strategic marriage could be to get access to lands that are away from your home. With this way, you can capture more territories but it is not an easy task.

Otherwise, you can find a suitable person to marry for heirs (or to get a title claim for your heirs). For this reason, their personal traits will come into the picture and you have to choose a potential spouse with good traits. A nice combination of genetic traits can ensure that your heir is smart, healthy, beautiful and fertile. Note that not all traits can be passed on to children and you will be shown that in the game.

These aren’t the only reasons to get married but are some of the main ones. Based on your strategy, you can decide on your spouse choices that will best suit you.

How to Get Married in CK3

Let’s look at the process of how to marry in Crusader Kings 3. You have to right click on the character and choose the Find Spouse option that you will see. Once you have done that, you will be able to see all the potential marriage candidates from around the world. Look at them carefully and understand how they can help your kingdom grow.

Don’t forget to use the filters that will help you segregate and narrow down your prospects as per age, traits (which will benefit heirs through genetics) as well as political advantages/disadvantages.

Once you have decided who to marry in CK3, go ahead and click on their character. Then go ahead and send the marriage proposal and if it is accepted or rejected, you will be notified. If you can call these allies to War, you will be shown that too.


Do remember that not all proposals will turn into a successful union because some might think that they are better than you. Hence, it is best to pick your potential spouse after careful consideration of all options. Once you have made your decision, go ahead and marry in Crusader Kings 3.

That’s the basics of how to marry in Crusader Kings 3. The actual decision-making is entirely up to you and based on a lot of things that will happen in the game. So we hope this cleared things up for you to get started with your strategies. Be sure to read more such Crusader Kings 3 guides that will give you the help you need.