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Crusader Kings 3: How To Fabricate Claim

Fabricating a claim is confusing.

The most important thing for a king is always his territory and the same applies to Crusader Kings 3. Without claiming small territories and combining them to make a big one is very crucial to win the game. There are many ways to do so in the game, one of which is by fabricating a claim. But it can be really confusing to get the answer of how to fabricate claim in Crusader Kings 3. That’s because the description just says that “you need a court chaplain to fabricate claim,” and nothing more. This Crusader Kings 3 how to fabricate a claim guide will tell you who is a court chaplain, how to find him, and most importantly how to fabricate claim in the game.


How to Fabricate Claim in Crusader Kings 3

To access the Court Chaplain, you will have to go to the Council menu, which will be one of the many options on the right side of the screen. Once you open the Council, there will be many individuals including, the Chancellor, Steward, Court Chaplain, and others available there.

Once you find out the Court Chaplain in the Council menu, many tasks that he can perform will be listed down below him. Click on the fabricate claim option to make him do so. This will open the map where you will have to choose a slice of land or claim, and the Court Chaplain will fabricate claim in Crusader Kings 3.

The Court Chaplain can perform various other tasks and help you in the game. For instance, he can provide gold and soldiers for fights. Hence, you need to keep him happy.

That’s how to fabricate claim in Crusader Kings 3. Now you know everything about court chaplain, where to find him, and how to use him to fabricate claim. If you want to know whether Crusader Kings 3 has a multiplayer option or how to fix the crash on startup issue, keep reading our guides about the game.