Crusader Kings 3 Crash On Startup: How To Fix (Troubleshooting Guide)

Wondering how to fix the Crusader Kings III Crash on Startup issue and CK3 not launching problem? Get the various solutions here.

Excited to play Crusader Kings 3 and show off your strategies? Unfortunately, for some, this isn’t yet possible because the Crusader Kings 3 Crash on Startup issue is putting a roadblock in their adventures. If you are one of these players and want to know how to fix the Crusader Kings 3 Crash on Startup problem, here are the possible solutions for that.

How to Fix Crusader Kings 3 Crash On Startup Issue

For players on Steam as well as those using the PC Xbox Game Pass version of the game, this issue is turning out to be super frustrating. CK3 keeps crashing right on the first loading screen. It is not yet known why this CKIII Crashing on startup issue is happening, but here’s what you can do to fix it.

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Some players suggest disabling Avast Antivirus before booting the game. This may or may not work for you but it is a simple thing that you can easily try out. It has worked for many players since the Avast Antivirus is quite a strong one. Disabling it did the trick for them.

Similarly, users have disabled Windows Defender and have got the game working. Since we don’t have an official fix for this error yet, these are the other options we have to rely on.

Speaking of other options, you can also check the integrity of the game files and also try reinstalling the game, incase any issue has occurred during installation. Plus, try running the game as Administrator.

These were all the potential fixes of CK3 keeps crashing on Startup issue. If we find any fix straight from the developers, we will update this post right here, so stay with Gamer Tweak! When you have the game up and running, don’t miss our Crusader Kings 3 (CK3) Console Commands and Cheats guide and how to Fabricate Claim in CK3 article to make your journey smooth and fun.