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Crusader Kings 3: How To Call Allies To War

Call allies to war in CK3.

You will have to declare war to several other kingdoms in Crusader Kings 3, and similarly, you will be attacked as well. That’s where the need for allies comes into the picture. A strong kingdom is not only the one with a powerful army, but it is the one who has a strong alliance with a powerful army. In this guide, we will walk you through how to call allies to war in Crusader Kings 3. But before that let’s learn how to form allies in the first place.

How to Form Alliance in Crusader Kings 3


In the medieval age, no marriages were done solely on the basis of love, they were done for the purpose of forming alliances. That’s exactly how you need to proceed in CK3 to form an alliance. Marry in CK3 and form an alliance. You can marry your direct family members and theirs (Niece, Nephew, etc) to any other kingdom with whom you want to form an alliance. Sometimes far relatives can also be used to form an alliance. Forming a strong alliance in CK3 can come in handy during the time of war.

How to Call Allies to War in Crusader Kings 3.

There are two types of wars, one is offensive where you have declared war and the other is defensive where someone has declared a war on you. No matter what type of war it is, you can call allies to war in CK3. All you need to do is select your allies and right-click on them to get several options. One of these options is “call to war”, select it to call allies to war in Crusader Kings 3.


One thing to note here is that the allies will only join the war if your enemy is not their ally or vassal. So, check these things before calling them to war.

Since now you know how to call allies to war in Crusader Kings 3, it is time to declare war and expand your kingdom quickly. You can also learn how to make money in Crusader Kings 3. This will help you build buildings in the territory that you conquer by declaring war.