Dauntless: Crown Tier List

Check out this guide for a Tier List of Crowns in Dauntless.

Each region in Dauntless unlocks a new set of challenges with rewards. Like in any other game, the more you progress further, the difficulty level increases. Hence, the Slayers must possess the necessary skills and equipment before entering the arenas. Moreover, if you are planning to do this with your squad, then you would definitely want to stand out among all the members. Luckily, devs gave us multiple options like having different weapon skins or armor skins to be a differentiator. Apart from this, a Crown is the most wildly royal Head Accessory to wear in Dauntless. However, there ain’t only one, there are many Crowns that you can equip. But, which one to select? Check out this guide that features a Tier List for Crowns in Dauntless that can help you choose your perfect one.

Crown Tier List in Dauntless (2022)

Crown Tier List In Dauntless

Below is the Crown Tier List along with its Rarity in this game.

Crown Rarity Tier
Crown of the Friendship Epic S Tier
Crown of the Champion Legendary A Tier
Crown of the Victor Epic A Tier
Firelight Phoenix Crown Legendary A Tier
Crest of the Torgadoro Legendary A Tier
Wreath of Agarus Legendary A Tier
Crest of the Chronovore Legendary B Tier
Crown of Many Colors Legendary B Tier
Frostfall Crown Legendary B Tier
Crest of the Shadow Legendary B Tier
Unseen Crown Legendary B Tier
Crest of the Urska Legendary B Tier
Egg Head Crown Epic C Tier
Heartgem Crown Legendary C Tier
Ramsgiving Crown Legendary C Tier
Crest of the Malkarion Legendary D Tier

All of the Crowns mentioned above can be obtained by completing certain challenges. Also, thanks to TheMrTrails, for providing us with all the relevant information related to this topic.

That’s all covered for the Crown Tier List in Dauntless. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Dauntless guides on Gamer Tweak.