Is Remnant 2 Crossplay? – Answered

For those who are wondering if its possible to Crossplay Remnant 2, here’s what you should know.

Remnant 2 is one of those rare games where players can enjoy the aspects of both a third-person shooter and a Soulslike. Many players (like me) get intrigued by just listening to this fusion of genres. One way to maximize this fun is by inviting your friends for a session. In most cases, you and your friends don’t need to have the same type of device necessarily. And that is why, it is important for a game to support Crossplay. This fills the gap between a PC and a Console so both users can play together.

The question is, does the Remnant 2 support Crossplay? Scroll down to know everything about this.

Xbox & PC Players can Crossplay Remnant 2

Is Crossplay Available in Remnant 2?

At the time of writing, it is possible for PC users to Crossplay Remnant 2 with Xbox users. But there is a catch, PC users must be playing the game using the Game Pass account. Otherwise, they won’t be able to match up together. It doesn’t matter if a PC player is using Steam or Epic Games, having Remnant 2 via Game Pass is required for now.

It is confirmed by the developers that they are working to make Remnant 2 a complete Crossplay title. So that PC players can crossplay with Console users regardless of the client they are using.

Several Reddit Posts claim that it is possible to crossplay Remnant 2 between Xbox and Steam/Epic. However, this ain’t sure for now as the game isn’t compatible with that type of matching. Because it just keeps on crashing over and over again. And as I said, the developers are still working on it so you might have to be patient until the official announcement.

Hopefully, you will soon get to Crossplay Remnant 2 with your friends. For any other information related to the game, stay connected with us right here.