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All New Crosscode Bonus Codes (February 2023)

Here's a quick guide covering how to use Bonus codes and unlock rewards in CrossCode.

CrossCode is a retro-inspired 2D action role-playing video game, which is set in the distant future. Ever since the game was released, there are players who have been having trouble finding CrossCode Bonus codes and cheats and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you covered.

Our list of CrossCode bonus codes and cheats is up to date and can be used to get rewards. Apart from sharing active and working CrossCode bonus codes, we will explain how you can use these codes and get rewards in the game.

Crosscode Bonus Code: How To Use Bonus Codes in 2023?

Using Bonus codes in CrossCode is way easier than you think. To use the CrossCode bonus code, you simply need to go into the main menu and unlock in-game rewards.

Crosscode Bonus Code – Full List (February 2023)

Here are all CrossCode bonus codes that can be used this month.

  • WoN-Boots: Upon using this code, you will get the Sparkly Boots (*) item
  • Best-VA: This bonus code Toggles “High-Quality” Voice acting
  • Holiday-Man: Upon using this bonus code, the Holiday Man will be unlocked.
  • Caramelldansen: Upon using this code, Idle Animation will be activated.
  • Speedlines: You can use this code to enable in-game Speedline.
  • Regular-Trees: This bonus code Makes some trees more regular.

Items You Can Unlock With Codes

Here are all items that can be unlocked with the following CrossCode bonus codes:

(*) Sparkly Boots: This code makes the main character Lea emit star sparkles upon escaping and play a shimmering sound upon jumping.

There are two rewards that you will get from the Holiday Man and the Quest Gifting For Fun:

  • Holiday Boots: To Get this reward, you will need to complete Quest Gifting for Run and obtain all four elements.
  • Holiday Hat: When you are done completing Gifting For Fun, the Holiday Man will give you Holiday Hat as a reward.

That’s everything you need to know about CrossCode Bonus Codes.