Tower Of Fantasy: How To Make Crispy Chicken Burger & Bounty Guide

Here is how you can make the crispy chicken burger in ToF.

There is a Bounty in Tower of Fantasy that needs to make and deliver a Crispy Chicken Burger. It might appear as an odd side quest, but it is one that is beneficial in many ways. Not only does this bounty give you good rewards, but you also get to learn about Chicken Burger. You can use it to restore 7 Satiety and 3300 HP + 12% of the wanderer’s HP. So in this guide let us quickly check how you can get the recipe for Crispy Chicken Burger in Tower of Fantasy (ToF), how to make it, and complete the Bounty.

How to Make Crispy Chicken Burger in Tower of Fantasy

tower of fantasy make crispy chicken burger and complete bounty

There are two ways you can make Crispy Chicken Burger in ToF. Both of these methods need you to have the same ingredients. Here are both methods and the ingredients you will need for it:

  • Methods:
    • Purchasing and following the Recipe
    • Using Creations at the cooking station
  • Ingredients needed:

How to Get the Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe in ToF

You buy the recipe for Chicken Burger from Margarette for 1000 Gold.

  1. Go to the Banges Dock.
  2. Next, go to the restaurant above the Hot Pizza place.
  3. Here, look for Margarette.
  4. Talk to her and purchase the Chicken Burger recipe in exchange for 1000 Gold.

How to Use Creations for the Chicken Burger

In case you don’t want to spend your Gold, you can directly make this burger at any Cooking Station.

  1. Go to any Cooking Station from the map.
  2. Interact with it and then go to the Cooking Tab.
  3. Here, start placing Poultry Meat, Homi Grain, and Lettuce in the Cooking pot. It will show you the success rate of the recipe. Place the ingredients based on how many you have of each, until the success rate is 100%. In case you have plenty then try placing it in these numbers:
    • Poultry Meat: x2
    • Homi Grain: x7
    • Lettuce: x6
  4. Wait for the process to complete and you will get the Crispy Chicken Burger.

After you get the Burger, go to the Bounty tab and click on Submit to get the rewards for it.

That covers this guide on where to get the recipe for Crispy Chicken Burger in Tower of Fantasy (ToF), how to make it & complete the Bounty. I suggest you check out our Tower of Fantasy guides to get more help on other bounties, recipes, and more for this game.