How To Increase Crew Capacity In Starfield (Get More Members)

Wondering how to increase your crew capacity in Starfield? This guide will help you get more crew on your ship.

As you begin exploring the stars in Starfield, the small starter ship you’re given may seem perfect for solo exploring the nearby planets. However, you’ll need a larger crew if you have your sights set on piloting larger starships that can traverse the entire galaxy. With more crew members, you’ll be able to upgrade higher-class starships that have more advanced systems. We’ll explain how to increase crew capacity in Starfıeld.

How Do You Get More Crew in Starfield? (Increase Capacity)

How To Increase Crew Capacity In Starfıeld

Of course, you can buy a bigger ship to get more crew. However, if you want to modify your existing ship, you need to focus on two main factors – Ship Command skill level and ship’s systems modules such as cockpit, hab, reactor, weapon, and engine.

Ship Command Skill

Your Ship Command skill will increase the maximum crew size as you level it. Enhance this skill even further by engaging in battles and boarding enemy ships while having up to eight more crew members on your own vessel.

Ship’s Systems Modules

The other factor involves your ship’s systems modules. Here are the modules you need to upgrade on your ship to increase crew capacity:

  • Cockpits
  • Habs
  • Engines
  • Reactors
  • Weapons

Only one reactor can be installed, but it provides an extra 3 crew. Weapons add 0.5 crew per module, so aim to install multiples of the top weapon types like Dangan cannons to boost this. Engines provide 0.25 crew each, so stack as many as your power allows. One shield module is allowed, but it provides 0.5 crew.

Where to Find New Crew Members in Starfield

In Constellation, you can find numerous crew members to join your ship. Many of these members are available early in the game and can be recruited for free. They not only serve as crew members but also possess multiple skills and can be valuable in various other ways.

That’s all about increasing crew capacity in Starfıeld. We have stacked up plenty of guides like Best Rifles, Best Traits, and Best Ships to have.