How To Build A Creeper Farm In Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Here is how you can build a creeper farm in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

One of the most irritating mobs of all time, the creeper is one that players wouldn’t usually want in plenty. Since they silently sneak around your character and deal tons of damage to your player. With all of the mob farms that you can make in the game, it was only a matter of time before creeper farms came to be one of them. These are actually really important farms that players can use to get stacks of gunpowder. With this guide, you can easily build your own creeper farm in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

How to Make a Creeper Farm in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

How to Make a Creeper Farm in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Building a creeper farm can be difficult in Minecraft. This will require you to get a couple of different items in the game. Using these, you will be able to create a creeper farming area in Minecraft Bedrock. Here are the material that you will need when creating your farm.

  • Two hoppers
  • Two chest
  • Lots of trapdoors
  • Lots of building blocks
  • Two cats
  • Lava bucket
  • four signs
  • 12 carpet

Once you have all of these items, follow these steps to build your own creeper farm:

Dig a 3×2 pit

Create a 3×2 pit in the ground that is three blocks long and two blocks wide. Add a 2x2x2 wall of solid blocks on both sides of the pit to keep them there. This can be done on any biome except the mushroom ones.

Construct the farm

Now, put up three blocks diagonally on both sides of the pillars. And expand the same to create a line of five blocks on all four sides. Now, raise the height of the blocks by one block.

Build a trap doors ceiling

Build a trap door ceiling to stop other mobs from spawning in here as well. Set up a trap door on the wall’s center for both sides of the farm. And don’t forget one on the top edge of the blocks as well to build the roof.

Add cats

Cats will scare creepers into the pit. Keep them on top of the farm’s roof on both sides to ensure that there is no other place to go.

Build a roof on top of the farm

Ensure that no light enters the farm to make it false security for the creepers that are entering this place. As they cannot go out into the light

Build a collection room

Make a water pathway that guides the creepers to a lava trap that will kill them. This path needs to be long enough to get them in and moving but not too long for them to get comfortable. Once the creeper puts its head into the lava, it will die and leave behind ample gunpowder. For this, keep double chests to have the gunpowder accumulate within.

Once you have killed the creepers, you can go down to collect your gunpowder.

This was your guide on how to create a creeper farm in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. If you enjoy playing Minecraft then check out this guide on how to respawn the Ender Dragon.