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What are Credits and How to get Credits in Rocket League?

Credits are like money in the Rocket League, which will let you buy stuff of your choice. Want to know how to earn them then read this.

Rocket League is a popular soccer game with cars. It is now free-to-play on PC and PS4. On PC you can download Rocket League for free via Epic Store. On PS4 who can get this as an exclusive reward under PS Plus Subscription. If you are playing this game then you will need some money to customize your car and unlock new items. This guide will exactly help in learning about the Rocket League money system.


How to earn Credits in Rocket League?

Coming straight to the point farming Credits in Rocket League will allow you to unlock a lot of stuff. You can unlock blueprints via credits and play with some cool stuff. Winning matches in the game also reward you with a lot of free customization items, but credits are a sure way to unlock amazing stuff.

To earn Credits you will have buy them. That is one way to get Credits in Rocket League. Go to the game store and buy packs of Credits directly through real money. 1$ can unlock 100 Credits in the game. If you need more you can swap your card to fill up the bag. The best thing to do is grab bundles which comes with exclusive discounts. Some bundles also have blueprints in them, allowing you to unlock new cars models and customizations.

There is one more way to earn Credits in Rocket League. A challenging way to make money, you will have to participate in Rocket League Seasons and win matches. At the end of season you will earn some free credits. But to enter you have to buy passes, one way or another there will be some fee involved.

Rocket League provides these two primary way to pay Credits. One by purchasing them directly from the store and second by completing the game season.