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MHR Sunbreak Crash On Startup Fix

Here is how you can fix the crash on the startup issue for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Many players are unable to play MHR Sunbreak because their game will crash on Startup, thus they need a fix. This is a rather frustrating bug as it prevents you from playing the game altogether. But worry not like most issues, this too can be solved with some workarounds. So let us quickly check how to fix the Crash on Startup issue in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

How to Fix Crash on Startup for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak


how to fix crash on startup for mhr sunbreak

You can try these fixes to resolve the Crash on Startup issue for this game.

  • Restart your system: The easiest fix on this list is to restart your system. Restart your PC or Nintendo Switch then try playing the game again.
  • Check Game file integrity: You might get this error due to some erroneous files.
    1. Go to Steam.
    2. Right-click on Monster Hunter Rise and then choose Properties.
    3. Now, go to the Local Files tab and verify the integrity of the files.
    4. Wait for Steam to complete the procedure. If there was some issue with some files then Steam will fix it.
    5. After the process is complete try playing the game again.
  • Reinstall the DLC: Reinstalling the Sunbreak DLC can help fix the issue. And if you don’t want to install the whole game from the scratch it is best if you only uninstall just the DLC. To do that:
    • Go to your Steam Library.
    • Next, select Monster Hunter Rise.
    • Scroll down to the DLC section.
    • Uncheck MHR Sunbreak.
    • This will uninstall the DLC. Once removed reinstall it and try playing the game.
  • Uninstall Mods: Using mods might work for the base game but many of them are not compatible with the new DLC. Thus removing them might help resolve this problem.
  • Remove REFramework: This fix worked for user u/Patsiecki on Reddit. You can check the entire thread here. Simply remove the REframework and its folder. You should also remove the dinput8.dll from the game folder.
  • Update your graphics drivers: Many players have noticed this problem can be due to your graphics drivers not being updated. In order to get the latest update for your graphics card, you could use the dedicated software for them. Players with Nvidia cards can use GeForce Experience and AMD users can use the Radeon Settings.


That covers this guide on how to fix Crash on Startup for MHR Sunbreak. Since you like playing this game you can find our other guides useful for all monster weaknesses, the strongest monster, and Purecrystal farming locations in this game.