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MHR Sunbreak: Which Is The Strongest Monster?

Looking for the Strongest Monster in MHR Sunbreak? We have you covered.

Monster Hunter Rise tasks you with the most insane challenges and quests as you slay or capture monsters. While you progress in the game, be prepared to damage and attack various monsters with weapons, tools, and environmental features. The sixth installment in the Monster Hunter series, MHR recently dropped an expansion Sunbreak. It introduced players to quite a few new monsters that they will face at some point. It has left players wondering which is the Strongest Monster in MHR Sunbreak. If you are wondering the same, check out this guide.

Which is the Strongest Monster in MHR Sunbreak?


MHR Sunbreak Strongest Monster

In the village of Kamura, new monsters have come to the fold with the MHR Sunbreak expansion. While most of them are quite strong but if you have to pick one, Malzeno would undoubtedly be the strongest monster.

The Elder Dragon is not only the featured monster of this expansion but also the new nemesis of the savior of Kamura. While he is not the only Elder Dragon in the game, he certainly is quite a challenge.


You can find Malzeno mainly in the Citadel ruins, but there is also a possibility of finding him in the Shrine Ruins and Lava Caverns. He appears to be surrounded by many flying creatures called Qurio. These creatures attack his enemies and prey on his command.

Malzeno’s Bloodblight ability is what makes him one of the strongest monster in the game and extremely powerful. Along with that, it also makes the use of healing items close to nonexistent or ineffective. Hunters will have to be on their toes during this fight as he is too dangerous to beat.

While Malzeno is agile since the beginning, losing more than half of his health puts him in a powered-up state. His movements become even faster, almost as if he is teleporting. He is also considered one of the Three Lords of the Kingdom.


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