How To Craft Sleep Arrows In Elden Ring

Complete guide to crafting sleep arrows in Elden Ring.

Players often mistake powerful, hard-hitting weapons to be the only win conditions against difficult enemies. But it is an undeniable fact that even a pen can be greater than a sword in certain circumstances. Sleep Arrows in Elden Ring are no different. They may not hit as hard as the Godskin Stitcher but they do have a special ability just like the Serpentbone Blade. They can send many of your enemies in deep slumber, so here’s how to craft Sleep Arrows.

How to Craft Sleepbone Arrows in Elden Ring

sleepbone arrows stats in elden ring

To craft Sleepbone Arrows, you need a few ingredients, the Fevor’s CookBook and the Crafting Kit. Finding the Crafting Kit is as easy as breathing; it can be purchased from Kale at the Church of Elleh. To get the Fevor’s CookBook, you first have to find a hidden merchant at Liurnia. Follow these steps:

  1. Get to the point of Grace at the Main Academy Gate.
  2. Look for a bridge at your left which is guarded by some wolves. Head towards that bridge.
  3. You can find the merchant resting near a bonfire around the South Raya Lucaria Gate.

Materials Needed to Craft Sleepbone Arrows

fevor's cookbook to make sleepbone arrows

merchant to get trina's lily from

It isn’t possible to craft something out of nothing, right? So even to craft Sleep Arrows in Elden Ring, you must have the necessary ingredients. All those essential ingredients are mentioned below:

  • Thin Beast Bones – Players are supposed to find and collect thin beast bones which is an important ingredient to craft Sleepbone Arrows.
  • Location: Killing different animals on your way will provide you with thin beast bone. Those animals can be wolves, rabbits or even cattle. There is a possibility that you may not get any reward even after killing some animals every now and then.
  • Trina’s Lily – Another important constituent that can be a bit difficult to find if you do not know where to look at.
  • Location: Try searching for Trina’s Lily in Limgrave. Two different locations in Limgrave can give you Trina’s Lily, which are…
    1. Summonwater Village in Eastern Limgrave
    2. Tombsward Ruins in South Limgrave

Try and look for Trina’s Lily around these places. You can get more from a merchant in Mistwood but, he will give you hardly three lilies which may not be sufficient. There is a hidden merchant too who can trade some lilies with you. This is the same merchant who sold us the Fevor’s CookBook. Moreover, you can pick-up an extra flower which is just behind him.

So this guide covered everything related to crafting Sleepbone Arrows in Elden Ring. Collect all these materials from the same places as specified and you can easily obtain the Sleepbone Arrows which can be useful against many enemies.

Though these arrows are capable of dealing damage and forcing sleep ailment on your enemies, this speciality of these arrows does not work on all the characters and creatures. So make sure not to depend on this weapon every time.

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