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Raft: How To Craft & Use Electric Smelter

This guide contains all you need on how to craft Electric Smelter and use it in Raft.

Raft is an open-world survival game on a 2×2 Raft as you push to survive while sharks hunt you. The game has multiple locations where you must travel to collect the necessary items and resources. Not only will these help you survive but also improve your Raft from a 2×2 to as huge as a ship. While there is no doubt that many of these locations hold difficult missions, they will shape your progress ahead. Additionally, there are some resources that you collect but there are some resources that you craft in the game. You need to find the Blueprint of course and the necessary items. This guide will show you how to craft and use Electric Smelter in Raft.

How to Craft & Use Electric Smelter in Raft


Raft Craft and Use Electric Smelter
Image Source: Z1 Gaming (YouTube)

To craft the Electric Smelter, you must first unlock its Blueprint. You need to travel to Temperance Island, while you are in Chapter three of the Raft. This Blueprint can be found near Shogo in the Temperance Selene Research Reactor Room. Head down the stairs and take a left, then follow the snow path filled with ice spikes and look for a door. This is how you can reach the Reactor Room.

Once you unlock the Blueprints, you can craft the Electric Smelter using the following materials:


  • Dry Bricks x10
  • Circuit Board x1
  • Metal Ingots x6
  • Titanium Ingots x6

While Titanium Ingots is one of the most difficult resources to gather, it certainly is worth the time and effort.

Once you have the Electric Smelter built, it will negate the usage of Planks as fuel. An Electric Smelter is operational with the use of a Simple Battery. A Simple Battery is significantly easier to craft once you have the blueprints and it is rechargeable. This provides an effective replacement for fuel. Here’s how to craft a Simple Battery in Raft:


  • Copper Ingot x1
  • Scrap x3
  • Plastic x6

That’s all you need on how to craft and use Electric Smelter in Raft. While you are here, make sure you check out how to get Seaweed, Antenna Setup, and other guides, tips, and tricks at Gamer Tweak.