Crab Champions Weapon Tier List (Best Weapon)

Suraj Nai
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If you’re dicey about which weapon you should go with in Crab Champions, then our Weapon Tier List is surely going to help you. In this fast-paced combat game, the gun or the launcher you use is going to be your best friend. Here your main aim will be to clear as many as Islands you can and take on a head-to-head battle with the boss. As of now, there are 12 weapons available in the game, that includes, Pistols, Shotgun, Rifle, & Launchers. So make sure you are well equipped with the most powerful weapon in Crab Champions.

Weapon Tier List for Crab Champions (Ranked Best to Worst)

Crab Champions Weapon Tier List (Best Weapon)

Here is the Crab Champions Weapon Tier List you’re looking for. The list is based on the weapon’s sole performance, excluding any perks or mods usage. Also note that the rankings are entirely subjective and some players may not agree with them. With keeping that in mind, let’s dive into the tier list right away.

Tiers Weapons Ranked from Best to Worst 
S Tier Minigun
S Tier Sniper
S Tier Blade Launcher
A Tier Dual Pistols
A Tier Orb Launcher
A Tier Dual Shotguns
A Tier Auto Shotgun
B Tier Cluster Launcher
B Tier Crossbow
B Tier Auto Rifle
C Tier Burst Pistol
D Tier Rocket Launcher

As you can see, according to our this tier list Minigun, Sniper & Blade Launcher is the best weapon to use in Crab Champions. Minigun has the best fire rate among the other guns in the game and also has the highest mag bullet count. Whereas the Sniper is also a good damage dealer but getting used to this weapon will surely take some practice. It might appear slow at first, but don’t worry, a good perks build will make up for it. Last but not least, Blade Launcher is also one of the overpowered S Tier weapons. It has the capability of taking multiple enemies in one go which makes survival easy.

As the weapons keep getting buffed or nerfed, there’s a possibility the rankings might change. So for your reference, we will keep updating this article with new info & weapons so you don’t miss out. That covers everything about the best Crab Champions weapon Tier List. If you like playing such fast-paced games, then check out the Best Free Shooting games to play in 2023. Also, do take a look at our other Video game guides for more tips & tricks.