Tears Of Themis Cozy Couple’s Getaway II Event Guide

Here is everything you need to know about the event 'Cozy Couple's Getaway II'.

Tears of Themis New Event ‘Cozy Couple’s Getaway II’ is available from March 13, 2023, to March 27, 2023. For the new event,’ Cozy Couple’s Getaway II’ the available characters are Artem and Luke. You can choose either one of them to start the event. You cannot change your decision midway. So choose the male lead you like the most between Luke or Artem. Once you finish one character’s route you can play the other character’s route. Wondering how to complete this event and gain all the good rewards? Here is a quick guide for you.

Tears of Themis Event

Tears of Themis Cozy Couple’s Getaway II Event Guide

  • You can start the event by selecting Cozy Couple’s Getaway II Button, in your X Note Tab (Events Page).
  • Select your preferred travel partner Artem or Luke.
  • After selecting your preferred travel partner, choose a Travel Route.
  • Select the Sightseeing button.
  • The button will be present on the bottom right side of the event page.
  • There will be a few scenic spots for you to choose from so that you can spend some time with your selected Travel Partner.
  • After you select the spot, you must wait for the spot to actually become available in the game. This can take a few hours but you can speed up this process by using a Fast Pass.
  • A Fast Pass will require you to spend money in order to purchase it.
  • You can purchase the Fast Pass at the bottom left of the Sightseeing page.
  • On choosing your sightseeing destination, you must complete all the 3 debates within.
  • To start a debate click on the ! sign when it appears on your screen.
  • A Debate is an in-game mechanic which requires 30 AP (Energy). The only cards you can use for successfully completing the debate are of your travel partner.
  • Once you have completed all the 3 debates available for that particular scenic spot, the next one will become available.
  • There is a special tab called ‘Travel Diary’. It is on the bottom right of the event page.
  • The Travel Diary gives you special rewards for the stages you have completed.
  • Once you have completed one travel route you will get either Artem ‘In the Rain’ or Luke ‘Following the Wind’ Special event R (Rare Card). This is based on which male lead was chosen by you.
  • If you are able to complete both Luke and Artem’s routes, the game will award you with a special ‘Overflowing Feelings’ Badge.

This is all you need to know about Tears of Themis Cozy Couple’s Getaway II Event Guide. If you liked this guide check out our guide on Tears Of Themis Dreams Of Childhood Event.