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How To Limit Break In Counter: Side Upto Max Level?

Characters in Counter: Side can reach up to level 90 which is the max level and we will tell you the best methods on how to limit break them.

Limit breaking your characters in Counter Side will allow your characters to upgraded above the maximum level of upgrade. They basically upgrade the stars of your character. The more the upgrades, the more the stats increase and your character gets stronger. The stats receive a 10% additional growth rate. Not only that, the character gets an additional skill apart from the 3 skills that are present. Limit breaks also unlock the 4th gear slot for your character. You can limit break your character 3 times to reach the max Limit Break of 90 for any character.

How to Limit Break Characters in Counter: Side?


Counter Side Limit Break

These are the two methods to Limit Break your characters in Counter Side:

Method 1 – Use  Counter APT Core and Credits


The first way to Limit Break your character is to use Counter APT Core and credits. The APT core can be available to you as rewards for certain quests and also certain simulations that are in the game. You can also purchase it from the Business Card Shop or get it via the Supply Station. Use this method early on in the game when you are on your first or second Limit Break.

Method 2 – Use Dupes

The second way to limit break your character is to acquire the dupes of that particular character. Here you will only need the character dupe and credit points to Limit Break your character in Counter Side. This is the best way to limit break but we suggest that you save the dupe for the later stages of the game where you have to limit break to level 90 as it will reduce the resource requirements. Use this method especially for your SSR Characters.


Best Way To Limit Break Your Character to Max Level in Counter: Side?

It will be easier to Limit Break your character if you duplicate them later on in the game. The cost of Limit Breaking will go down considerably. Also, once the character will reach level 70 after limit breaking, to reach level 90, you will need another material called Counter S-APT Core. If you do not have dupes, you will have to farm S-APT Core which will be very difficult to find. Dopes will reduce the number of materials needed for higher Limit Breaks.

So that will be all for our guide on how to Limit Break your characters in Counter Side. If you would like to know the Counter Side Tier List, we have an article on that too if you would like to check out.