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Counter Blox Custom Crosshairs & Decals List

Want to make or get another crosshair? Find out how to get Custom Crosshairs in Counter Blox.

Once you know how to get custom crosshairs in Counter Blox on Roblox, you will be able to customize them according to your liking. Inspired by the popular game Counter-Strike or CS, this Roblox game revolves around shooting and killing enemies with different weapons. But since Counter Blox is a first-person shooter game, some Roblox players require a Custom crosshair to improve their game. But can you get another crosshair? Don’t worry, our guide has got you covered with the steps to get or customize crosshairs in this Roblox game. Along with that, we also have a list of all the Crosshair Decals you can use.

How to Get Custom Crosshairs in Counter Blox

get custom crosshairs in counter blox roblox

You can get Custom Crosshairs in Counter Blox by pressing the apostrophe (‘) key button on your keyboard. Pressing the key will bring the Crosshair menu where you can customize your set Crosshair in this Roblox game. Over there, you can change your Crosshair settings to Dynamic according to your preferences. We recommend turning on the Dot crosshair option for a steady and accurate aim.

Depending on the crosshair color you prefer, adjust the Red, Blue, and Green codes. In addition to these codes, here are some in-game Crosshair settings you can change:

  • Thickness (0-10)
  • Transparency (0-10)
  • Spread (0-10)

If you wish to use the Decals for your Crosshair, you will be needing the correct codes for them. Here’s where you can find out:

Counter Blox Decals List

All thanks to Spy_Evan on YouTube, we have a huge list of all the Decals for your custom crosshair in Counter Blox. So, here are all the Decals to use:

  • 1827745864 – Spy_Evan Crosshair
  • 2068362813 – bryan3k (declared truth crosshair)
  • 82434810 – black dot
  • 2130621557 – dot
  • 1469004289 – Good look
  • 2130739853 – point of view that literally says Rolve.
  • 2177581291 – top of an arrow-shaped cross
  • 2174447363 – round circle
  • 2174859176 – another circle
  • 2169552520 – Standard cross look
  • 2169453679 – x-crosshair
  • 2169048245 – t-crosshair-final
  • 2167271541 – vainz-fix
  • 212873710 – notching
  • 1469004289 – Nice crosshair

For more Crosshair decals, you can join the creator’s Discord server (link). Once you have joined the server, you can find the list of Decals under “gamer-chat” channels. If you want to kickstart your gameplay, we suggest redeeming the latest Counter Blox codes to claim free rewards.

That’s all about how to get Custom Crosshairs in Counter Blox. If you liked this guide, check out our guides to find out what F4 means, the best Realistic and high graphics Roblox games, and explore more Roblox Guides for other games right here on Gamer Tweak.