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Modern Warfare 2: How To Stop The Countdown Missile

Want to know what Row Two, Column Three is in MW2? Here's how to stop and detonate the Countdown Missile in Modern Warfare 2.

The highly anticipated FPS shooter from the Call of Duty franchise is here. Modern Warfare 2 has a gripping storyline and intense missions. You will have to be stealthy, nimble, and quick on your feet to get through these missions. The final mission “Countdown” will test your decision-making abilities under a high-pressure situation. Many players what to know what is “Row Two, Column Three” in MW2. In this article, we will tell you how to stop the Countdown missile and complete the mission in Modern Warfare 2.


How to Stop the Countdown Missile in Modern Warfare 2

COD MW2 row two column three

At the end of the Ghost Team mission, Valeria will tell you that the last missile is in Chicago. After tracking Hassan down to a high rise, you will have to secure the hostages and fight your way through the server rooms. Eventually, you will reach a checkpoint where the missile will be launched. After this, you will have to fight off some more enemies and chase Hassan down an elevator shaft. There, you will lose your weapon but get the Missile Control.

Detonating the Missile

Now, this part is quite tricky. You will be standing in front of soldiers with the controls in hand. Turn around and start running. Find a door to an office or a bathroom and hide there. Then, open up the Missile Control and do the following to detonate the Countdown missile in Modern Warfare 2:

  • Enable the diagnostic mode by pressing CLR and Mode at the same time (F and C on PC; X and B on Xbox; Square and Circle on PS)
  • To override, Laswell will ask you what’s in Row Two, Column Three
  • It’s %ESP
  • Press the corresponding button to %ESP
  • Now press Left and CLR at the same time to initiate override (A and F on PC; Left Arrow and B on Xbox; Left Arrow and Square on PS)
  • Then, Laswell will ask you to get safe. If you are already well hidden then close the Missile Control and open it again
  • To detonate the missile, hit LNK when the green light is on the fourth circle (R on PC; Y on Xbox, Triangle on PS)

This is how you detonate the missile in the Countdown mission. Next, you will have to scavenge around and find a box cutter. Using this cutter kill the guards and you will be knocked down by Hassan. After a short cutscene, you will be given control of Ghost to snipe down Hassan. Killing Hassan completes the mission.

That’s all from us on how to stop the Countdown Missile in Modern Warfare 2. We have more helpful guides on our COD MW2 Wiki so check it out soon.