PUBG Could Not Connect Error Fix

Here is why you are facing the Could Not Connect Error in PUBG and also how you can fix it.

As of the time of this article, PUBG is facing a lot of problems. Players have been reporting Connection and Crashing issues. PUBG is not working today? Why is my PUBG game not Workling? I could not connect to a PUBG Server. These are some of the queries that the player base has been asking. Most of these issues are related to Server problems. In today’s guide, I will show you how to fix the PUBG Could Not Connect Error.

How to Fix the Could Not Connect & Not Working Error in PUBG

could not connect error fix pubg

Recently there were a lot of server issues. The problem had peaked with over 300 player reports according to Downdetector. The problem could be of many reasons. Some of which are Server Maintenance, Network issues, Server issues, and the like. Currently, PUBG is going through major changes so to make sure the Servers can handle it, it is under Server Maintenance. After which, you will have to update your game and you will be able to connect to the game.

Solution to why PUBG is not working today

Even after you are still experiencing the Could Not Connect error in PUBG then you will have to check your Server Connection. First off, check the Server Status of PUBG. If the servers are running then you will have to check your network connection. Check your Internet connection, if it is slow or in some cases not working then contact your ISP to solve the issue. Another thing you must do is to check for any PUBG related updates. Like I have mentioned above, the game is receiving a big update so make sure you have done that.

It usually goes without saying but, always play PUBG on your Wifi network (if you have it). But if your Wifi itself is giving problems then switch to Mobile data if required. If the Could Not Connect error still persists for PUBG thenm try restarting your phone. It is a simple yet effective solution. And if that doesn’t work then uninstall and reinstall the game. This should be your last resort as it can take some time to install the game, especially if you have a slow Internet connection.

This was all about fixing the Could Not Connect error in PUBG. If you are still facing any issues then go to their website to report the issue. Hopefully, this guide has helped. You can also check our guides like Does PUBG Support Cross Platform?