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How To Couch Lance In Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord

Check out how you can use Couch Lance Attack in Mount & Blade II Bannerlord easily.

When it comes to strategic action role-playing games Mount & Blade is one of the most popular franchises. In this game, you’ll come across various new and old features that’ll help you win battles easily. One of the old features is where you can Couch Lance while riding a horse. This attack can kill the enemy and get you plenty of damage points. However many players are struggling to wield this attack in the game. If you’re also unaware of the controls to Couch Lance in Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord, then we’ve got you covered.


How to Use Couch Lance in Bannerlord? (Controls)

How To Couch Lance In Bannerlord
Picture Credits: Villain Crew

To Couch Lance in Mount & Blade II Bannerlord, you’ll have to simply equip the suitable weapon and press X while you’re riding the creature. Also, make sure your speed is accelerated enough to wield this attack. According to some players, the ideal speed to Couch Lance is up to 44, this may also vary for other creatures. However, if you’re still unable to see the Couch Lance option, then you might be using the wrong weapon.

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Unlike Warband, you just can’t pick any weapon and start couching a lance. In order to pick the suitable weapon, you’ll need to head to the weapons section and hover over the Pikes & Lance. Once you see the Couch Lance ability in the additional information section, equip the weapon and you’ll be good to go. As mentioned earlier, performing this attack can get you several hundred damage points. Also, don’t forget about the few second’s cool-down after inflicting an attack.


That sums up everything about how you can Couch Lance in Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord easily. While you’re here check out a guide about how you can recruit companions in the game.