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How To Find & Catch Channel Catfish In COTW The Angler

Catch the Channel Catfish in Call of the Wild The Angler with the help of this guide.

The Channel Catfish is from the gold category, which you can use to your advantage by catching it in Call of the Wild The Angler. It weighs 8.95kg and is 0.77m lengthwise. However, it may require a little grinding for you to catch it. You also require a lot of money to purchase the types of equipment required for it. Even beginners can catch it as long as they have everything required. So here is how you can get your hands on it.

How to Catch Channel Catfish in Call of the Wild The Angler

channel catfish call of the wild the angler

  • Location – The Channel Catfish can be caught in the Shallow Pond, Deep Pond, and the Lake Shore in Call of the Wind The Angler.
  • Bait and Lure – You will require mostly baits like Bread, Pearl Barley, and Dough.
  • Traits – In order to know how you have to reel while fishing it is important to know the traits of the fish you are about to catch. This catfish is a Bottom Lurker, which means it can swim deep into the ocean. It also has Keen Senses and is a night owl, which means you can fish for it in the night too.

As this fish swims toward the bottom of the ocean, it will require a lot of effort to catch it, even after getting the necessary equipment. You will have to constantly reel it even after the fish bites the lurk or bait. Make sure to not let go at any point as it is a little difficult to catch it. It is also a part of the other 12 fish species in the game and quite a precious one among them. They can survive in almost every condition. From muddy waters to clear water. So catching it will be worth it.

That was all on how to catch the Channel Catfish in the game. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to add friends in COTW The Angler.