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How To Get Costly Punch In Crisis Core FF7 Reunion

Here are the materials required to make Costly Punch.

The New FF7 Remake bought along with it the remaster of the original game’s prequel Crisis Core, a delight to JRPG fans the world over. Next-gen graphics and a new soundtrack are welcomed additions to an already solid combat system. However, players are running into some problems when it comes to harvesting the most effective material in the game, Costly Punch. Here are the steps involved in getting Costly Punch for Crisis Core FF7 Reunion.

How to Get Costly Punch in Crisis Core FF7 Reunion

materia fusion crisis core ff7 reunion

Since Costly Punch is Fused Materia, you will require a Punch Materia and DMW Materia for fusion. Here is a list of the required item and where to find them in the game.

How to get required Punch Materia

Goblin Punch-This can be found in the game as a quest reward for completing mission M4-5-4: Crescent Unit Annihilation. But another way to acquire it is by stealing it off the miniboss Vajradhara Kumbhira in mission M4-4-4: Wutai in the Slums.

How to get required DMW Materia

DMW Materia can be purchased from shops like Reach Dept. QMC+, Junon Souvenirs and Bone Village Outlet. These Shops will be available to once you complete 55% of the game.

Here is a list of DMW Mateia you can fuse with goblin punch.

  • Air Strike
  • Lucky Stars
  • Octaslash
  • Meteor Shots
  • Healing Waves
  • Rush Assault

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The amount of damage you do with Costly Punch is directly proportional to your HP. This combined with The Brutal accessory from Mission 7-4-6: Breakthrough (which will break your damage limit) can dish out an insane 9,999 points of damage to enemies. But be wary as using Costly Punch comes at the price of a small reduction in the player’s HP (hence the name).

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