Lords Of The Fallen: How To Play With Friends – Coop & PvP Multiplayer

If you want to know how the Lords of the Fallen Coop multiplayer mode works, you would like to play the latest Soulslike game with your friends. Luckily, as the coop and the PvP modes are available in LoTF, you can get on with the ultimate multiplayer experience easily. Being a reboot to the previous title of the same name, many significant changes have been added to the franchise. This includes the multiplayer allowing you to explore the most recent RPG with friends. Taking inspiration from popular FromSoftware games like Elden Ring, Sekiro, and Dark Souls, there’s also room for PvP invasions. With the PvP mode, you can invade or be invaded by other players in your worlds. So, here’s how the coop multiplayer and PvP mode works.

How Does the Coop Multiplayer Work in Lords of the Fallen?

lords of the fallen coop multiplayer pvp mode

You can add only one other player in Lords of the Fallen Coop multiplayer to explore the world and fight against enemies. For that, you need to be at a checkpoint and Vestige to invite other players. As you head there, you can also invite a random player.

The player that summoned another player into their world is known as the host. They decide the exploration of where both the players must head to. You cannot make progress in your world despite the shared experience. To progress into the storyline, you must end the coop experience.

If the summoned guest player dies, they can be resurrected by the host player. It may be a bit time-consuming while resurrecting them. However, if the host dies, they are teleported to the Land of Dead known as the Umbral world. So, both the players start from over there.

Lords of the Fallen PvP Mode (Explained)

Keeping the coop multiplayer aside, you can be invaded by random players in your world during a normal playthrough as PvP duels. With different builds and classes, these PvP invasions can take place anywhere across the world in Lords of the Fallen. Likewise, you can also invade the worlds of other players in PvP mode.

As an Invader, you will have only one life throughout this playthrough. Sadly, you cannot revive yourself using the Umbral Lamp.

How to Invite and Play with Friends in Lords of the Fallen

You can play multiplayer and invite or add friends in LOTF by heading to any Vestige. Interact with it and select the Login option as you head there. Once done, hit the Multiplayer option. Here are the following options you will get:

  • Beckon Lambearer: Invite a random player.
  • Beckon Friend: Invite a friend who’s added to your platform’s socials or community.
  • Accompany lampbearer: Assist or Help out another player.
  • Slaughter lampbearer: Invading another player’s world by hunting them down.

It’s worth noting that none of these options require any items to play multiplayer like other Soulslike titles. Since your progress won’t be carried forward, you can play as many coop sessions as you want.

Can you Play 3 Player Coop in LOTF?

No. Unfortunately, you can invite only one friend for a Multiplayer in Lords of the Fallen. The confusion might be due to the previous version of LOTF that allowed players to pair up with three players. However, you can follow the above methods to summon or be summoned by a friend or random player.

That’s all about the Lords of the Fallen Coop, Multiplayer, and PvP mode. If you liked this guide, check out how to unlock the Dark Crusader class, and explore more Lords of the Fallen Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.