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Purrfect Tale Recipes – February 2023 (Stock Pot, Frying Pan & More Recipes)

Read this guide for all the Purrfect Tale Recipes.

Are you looking for Purrfect Tale Recipes? This guide will help you with a detailed list of all the recipes. In Purffect Tale, you are transported back to the time when you were a student. The game lets you cook, decorate and raise animals. Cooking is the most exciting part of this simulator but many players don’t know how to choose the right ingredients or their quantities. In this guide, we will explain all the recipes and the ingredients that you need to know.

All Purrfect Tale Recipes & Ingredients (February 2023)

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Each recipe in Purrfect Tale can be made with the help of four utensils. However, different recipes can be made using the Bamboo Steamer, the Wok, Frying Pan and the Stockpot. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

Bamboo Steamer Recipes

Recipes Ingredients
Bamboo Steamer Shrimp 4x Fish
Steamed Bun 2x Flour
Salmon Rice Ball 2x Fish & 2xFlour
Vegetarian Spring Rolls 3x Flour, 3x Carrot, 3x Egg
Piggy Bun 3x Flour & 3x Carrot
Soup Bun 3x Potato & 3x Flour
Chinese Hamburger 3x Flour, 3x Carrot, 3x Pork
Liangpi Noodles 3x Flour, 3x Carrot, 1x Chili
Steamed Pork with Rice Powder 3x Flour. 3x Potato, 3x Pork
Foo Young Steamed Egg 4x Egg
Mashed Potatoes 3x Potato & 3x Flour

Wok Recipes

Recipes Ingredients
Stir-fried Shredded Potato 3x Potato
Dough Fritters 3x Flour
Crispy Fried Pork 3x Flour & 3x Pork
Fried Sweet Rice Ball 3x Flour
Fish-flavored Shredded Pork
3x Pork, 3x Carrot, 1x Vinegar, 1x Sugar
Crispy Sweet and Sour Pork 3x Potato & 3x Pork
Braised Pork Ribs 3x Potato & 3x Pork
Yangzhou Fried Rice
3x Egg, 3x Carrot, 1x Scallion
Braised Pork Ball 3x Flour, 3x Pork, 1x Oil
French Fries 3x Potato
Fried Zigzag Potato 3x Potato
Golden Corn 3x Corn, 3x Flour, 1x Sugar

Stockpot Recipes

Recipes Ingredients
Glutinous Rice Balls 3x Flour
Dumpling 3x Flour, 3x Carrot, x1 Pork
Plain Noodles 3x Flour
Tomato Pork Ribs Soup 3x Pork, 3x Tomato
Milky Fish Soup 3x Fish, 3x Milk
3x Carrot, 3x Potato, 3x Pork
Congee with Pork and Century Egg 3x Porkx1 Egg
Black Bean Sauce Noodles
3x Flour, 3x Pork, 3x Carrot, x1 Soy Sauce
Hot Pot
3x Pork, 3x Fish, 1x Oil, 3x Potato
Sukiyaki 3x Corn, 3x Fish, 3x Pork
Minced Pork Rice
3x Pork, 3x Potato, x1 Egg ,x1 Soy Sauce
Army Stew
x1 Chilli, 3x Carrot, 3x Potato, 3x Flour
3x Pork, x1 Tomato, x1 Flour
Oden 3x Flour 3x Fish x1 Corn

Frying Pan Recipes

Recipes Ingredients
Omelete 3x Egg, 3x Flour, 1x Scallion
Dough Stick Pancake 7x Flour & 7x Egg
Handheld Savoury Pancake 3x Egg & 3x Flour
Sunny Side Up Eggs 3x Eggs
Potato Pancake 3x Potato & 3x Flour

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