Remnant 2 Controls Guide – PC, PS5 & Xbox X/S

Not familiar with the controls to play Remnant on PC, PS5, or Xbox X/S, then here's an ultimate controls guide for you.

Just like you, many players out there are looking for a PC, PS5 & Xbox X/S controls guide for Remnant 2. That’s because playing such survival games can be tricky if you’re a newcomer. And on the other hand, there are times when the game doesn’t provide you a prompt of the button. And figuring out the controls can be pretty frustrating in the early stages. But don’t worry this ultimate controls guide will walk you through all the important buttons you need to know.

Remnant 2 All Platforms Controls Guide (PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox X/S)

Remnant 2 Controls Guide PC PS5 Xbox X S

If you’re having trouble playing the Remnant 2 game then here’s the controls guide you just need. Before moving further do note, Console players cannot change the Keybinds of this game. However, that’s not the case with the PC players, they’re free to assign the key to whichever button they want. With that being said, let’s dive right into the guide.

Controls for PC – Keyboard & Mouse Keybinds

Here’s a list of controls you need to know if you’re playing the Remnant II on PC.

  • Movement Controls
Controls Movement
A Left
W Forward
S Backward
D Right
Left Turn Left
Right Turn Right
Left Alt Crouch
Left Shift Sprint
Space Bar Dodge / Vault
  • Interaction Controls
Controls  Interaction
1 Relic
G Ping
E Interact
L Flashlight
2 Item Slot 1
3 Item Slot 2
4 Item Slot 3
5 Item Slot 4
  • Combat Controls
Controls  Combat
Q Ability1
X Switch Weapon
C Ability2
Left Mouse Button Shoot
Right Mouse Button Aim
R Reload
Left Mouse Button Melee
Z Scope
F Weapon Mod
Left Shif Shift Camera
  • UI Controls
Controls  UI
E Item Interact
F Dialogue Select
Space Bar Dialogue Skip
F Contextual IU Input One
R Contextual UI Input Two
Right Mouse Button Inspect
Space Bar Select
Z Clear Notification
W Character
S Inventory
A Archetype
D Traits
Right Shift Next Spectator
W Map Camera Forward
S Map Camera Backward
D Map Camera Right
A Map Camera Left
E Tab Right
Q Tab Left
X Sub Tab Right
Z Sub Tab Left
  • Menus Controls
Controls Menus
O Options
R Advanced Stats
M Map
P Archetype
J Character
Tab Menu
I Inventory
T Traits

Remnant 2 Controls Guide for PlayStation 5 – PS5 Console

Here are the controls for PlayStation 5.

Controls Action
Left Stick Move / Shift Camera
D-pad Up Flashlight
RS Move Camera / Scope
L3 Sprint
D-pad Down Emote
R2 Shoot / Attack
Triangle Switch Weapon / Item 2
Square Interact / Item 1
Circle Crouch / Item 4
X Dodge / Vault / item 3
R1 Alt Fire Mode
L2 Aim
L1 Dragon Heart / Alt Mode

Controls for Xbox Series X/S

Here are the controls for Xbox Series X/S.

Controls Action
Menu Menu
Left Bumper Dragon Heart/ Alt Mode
Left Trigger Aim
Right Trigger Shoot/ Attack
Right Bumper Alt Fire Mode
D-Pad Up Flashlight
D-Pad Down Emote
Left Stick Movement / Shift Camera
Right Stick Camera/ Scope
X Interact / Item 1
Y Switch Weapon / Item 2
B Crouch / Item 4
A Dodge / Vault/ Item 3

That sums up the Remnant 2 Controls guide for PC, PS5, & Xbox Series X/S. If you’re dicey about which weapon you should play with then check out the best Weapons tier list. Also, take a look at the best Class combos to use in Remnant II.