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Check Out All The Driving And On Foot Controls In Destruction AllStars

Want to master the controls guide of Destruction AllStars? Look no further

All excited for Destructions AllStars but wondering about the complete controls guide. Well, we’ve compiled this guide so that you become the best racer no matter who you are competing against. Make sure to check out both driving and on foot controls guide right here.

Destruction AllStars Controls Guide

Destruction AllStars features both driving mechanics as well as on foot gameplay, and you will need to master both if you wish to become the best and most chaotic racer in the game. Make sure to check out both Driving and On Foot Controls in Destructions AllStars below.

destruction allstars controls guide

Destruction AllStars Driving Controls

Driving in Destruction AllStars is simple and the controls are similar to most racing games that have come out in recent years. All you have to do is get comfortable with all the chaos and the handling of the car. Here are the driving controls that you need to know in Destruction AllStars.

Destruction AllStars Driving Controls

Driver Action Controls
Steer Left Analog Stick
Accelerate R2 press and hold
Brake L2 press and hold
Reverse L2 press and hold
Slam Forward Tap Up On Right Analog Stick
Slam Right Tap Right On Right Analog Stick
Slam Left Tap Left On Right Analog Stick
Handbrake O
Handbrake Turn O + Left Analog Stick
Eject X
Eject To Specific Direction X + Left Analog Stick
Exit Vehicle Triangle
Summon/Activate Hero Vehicle L1
Look Back Right Analog Stick Pull Down
View Leaderboard TouchPad
Pause Options
Emote 1 D-Pad Up
Emote 2 D-Pad Right
Emote 3 D-Pad Down
Emote 4 D-Pad Left


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Destruction AllStars On Foot Controls

While Destruction AllStars keeps playing engaged in driving and creating havoc and chaos, there’s a fair bit of gameplay on foot as well. You start off in the game on foot and have to rush towards your car, knowing what button corresponds to what action will help you get an edge in the game. Check the on foot controls of Destruction AllStars right here.

destruction allstars foot controls

On Foot Action Controls
Move Left Analog Stick
Camera Right Analog Stick
Jump X
Double Jump R1 + X, X
Grab Ledges X Towards Ledge Direction
Evade O
Barge Square
Enter Vehicle Triangle
Vault O
Flair O
Activate Hero Breaker R1
Summon/Activate Hero Vehicle L1
Emote 1 D-Pad Up
Emote 2 D-Pad Right
Emote 3 D-Pad Down
Emote 4 D-Pad Left
Pause Options
View Leaderboard TouchPad


This is all there is to know about all the complete controls guide in Destruction AllStars, while you’re here you should check out how to play Destruction AllStars Multiplayer with friends right here on Gamer Tweak.