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Control Developer 505 Games Offer Explanation Over Refusal To Upgrade For Next Gen Consoles

Seems like upgrading the game is out of 505 Games control

Control developers 505 Games recently announced that only those who purchased the Control Ultimate Edition would get next-generation upgrades on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles, the developers have now come forth and given an explanation as to why they took this decision.

505 Games has stated that no matter what decision they took, at least one section of the gamers who bought Control would be left out and while this is proving to be a nuisance to a lot of players who were hoping to enjoy Control once again with the power of the next-gen consoles they will be somewhat disappointed.

However, with that in mind 505 Games have said that those who already own Control won’t have to purchase the game once again as they can enjoy Control though backward compatibility giving the players an enhanced experience.

There was no explanation as to what will be enhanced but judging by clarification the developers have given, it does not seem much. Moreover, next-gen consoles owners will only be able to purchase Control’s Ultimate Edition as it is specifically designed with the next-gen consoles in mind.

This version will be available for sale and this raises even more questions for those who wish to purchase the base game and just the DLC.

The explanation of 505 Games makes partial sense but will undoubtedly leave a lot of players who wished to experience the vivid environment. Though they have reiterated that there will be no new content that will be exclusive to the next-gen consoles and whatever future updates that may come will be delivered to those who are eligible.

You can read the rest of the full blog post by 505 Games right here about Control and what the future holds for the game.

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