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Contraband Contract In Warzone – How To Complete It?

Deposit some contraband for rewards.

The massive new Season 4 of Call of Duty Warzone is live and a host of new content is now ready for your enjoyment. Among all the different new additions, one of the most prominent ones if the Contraband Contract. In this guide, we will cover what is the contraband contract in Call of Duty Warzone and how to complete it.

Contraband Contract Guide: How to Find It?


The Contraband Contract will basically earn you an interesting reward – a weapon blueprint. In order to get this special contract to spawn, there is a certain prerequisite. That is to complete another contract. It can be any contract in the game, there is no specific requirement in this case.

Note that the Contraband Contract cannot be found on the map like the others, you have to do some extra work for it. How to get this contract? Well, you have to search for a blue briefcase as soon as you complete a contract. The more contracts you complete, the better your chances are of spawning this Contraband-based contract.

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How to Complete this Contract?

As soon as you grab the blue briefcase, you will receive a location where you must drop off this briefcase. It will be highlighted on the map in blue. Your mission is to make your way over there quickly and enter a specific area which will bring a helicopter to you.

During this time, it’s best to hide because other players will be alerted of your activity. There’s a high chance that they will come to you and attack you.


Then, when the helicopter arrives, you need to deliver this Contraband right away in a bag that will be brought down via a rope. Only the player who picked up the briefcase can deposit it, so be prepared to do it as soon as the chopper arrives.

If you hide a bit far from the location where you have to deposit it, don’t worry because the location will be marked with some red smoke. Unfortunately, the smoke makes it easier for other players to spot it as well.

Now, if you don’t find the blue briefcase yourself and see someone else with it, you can snatch it from them after you kill them. This will save you the trouble and help you reap the rewards for someone else’s effort. But the same thing applies to you if you have found the briefcase, so be very alert and act fast. Once you complete this mission, you will be informed that you have unlocked the Blueprint.


And there you have it. This is how you can use the Contraband Contract in Warzone to add a weapon blueprint to your collection. Want more such guides? Then check out our Warzone tips and tricks.