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Tower Of Fantasy: All Constellation & Telescope Locations

Learn about the Locations of all the Constellations in Tower of Fantasy from this guide.

Tower of Fantasy, a.k.a. TOF, is a Sci-Fi-Themed Open World MMORPG from Hotta Studio. Here, you can enjoy this Anime-based game in an expansive world while completing the storyline or by just adventuring. along your Adventures, you will get a Quest to find the Constellations in the Sky. As such, you will have to find their dedicated Telescopes in Aesperia to complete the Quest. In this guide, I will show all of the Constellation Telescope locations in Tower of Fantasy.

All Constellation locations in Tower of Fantasy

all constellation telescopes locations tower of fantasy
Image Source – tower of fantasy interactive map

Each Constellation in Tower of Fantasy has a Telescope that can view it from the ground. Once you get to the Telescopes, you will be able to access them & connect the Dots of the Constellations. You will have to do this 11 times as there are that many Constellations. The image above accurately depicts the location of each Telescope in Tower of Fantasy. Go to their locations and complete the objective.

As per the image, here are the solutions to each location:

  • Black – Libra Constellation
  • Blue – Pisces Constellation
  • Cyan – Pegasus Constellation
  • Green – Taurus Constellation
  • Maroon – Aquarius Constellation
  • Orange – Leo Constellation
  • Pink – Lepus Constellation
  • Red – Bootes Constellation
  • Violet – Capricorn Constellation
  • White – Virgo Constellation
  • Yellow – Draco Constellation

These are the locations for each Telescope. Below given are the solutions to each Constellation in the game.

Libra Constellation & its locations in Tower of Fantasy

libra constellation tower of fantasy

Pisces Constellation

pisces constellation tower of fantasy

Pegasus Constellation

pegasus constellation tof

Taurus Constellation

taurus constellation tof

Aquarius Constellation

aquarius constellation tof

Leo Constellation & its locations in Tower of Fantasy

leo constellation tof

Lepus Constellation

lepus constellation tof

Bootes Constellation

bootes constellation tof

Capricorn Constellation

capricorn constellation tof

Virgo Constellation

virgo constellation tower of fantasy

Draco Constellation

draco constellation tof

After you have connected all of the Constellations for the Quest, you will be rewarded some special rewards. These rewards will help you out in the early game so I highly recommend you get this quest done as soon as possible.

This was all about the locations of all Telescopes & their respective constellations in Tower of Fantasy. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How To Get & Use Magcore in Tower of Fantasy.