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Halls Of Torment Console Release Date: Coming To PS, Xbox & Switch?

Wondering when Halls Of Torment will release on consoles? Here is a guide explaining more about it in details.

Halls Of Torment has garnered overwhelmingly positive even in early access on Steam and players are wondering if there are any plans to release the rogue-lite game on consoles. In Halls Of Torment, players will have to descend into the dark world where hordes of terrifying monsters await them. With it catching all the buzz around, it’s safe to say many are awaiting the full release of the game first. Since the game is still in its early access, there can be some confusion about its further updates. So here is a guide explaining all about them and when you can expect the game on different console ports.

When is Halls Of Torment Coming to Consoles? Release Date Info

console release halls of torment

Since Halls Of Torment is still in its early access, you can first expect the game’s full release by the end of the year. In a Steam Community Discussion, one of the game’s developers stated that after the game’s full release, they plan to port it to Nintendo Switch and then other consoles and mobile. However, the developer mentioned that they don’t have a fixed road map as they want to prioritize player feedback with the recent development and want to make a cool game for everyone.

As there are no specific plans for the future it’s hard to pinpoint a release date or even a year down the line. However, if everything pans out successfully, you can expect the game soon on the console platforms like Switch, PS5 & Xbox. You will have to wait for an official announcement from the Chasing Carrots team.

For now, players can enjoy the game on its release platforms like Windows & Linux. You can also access the game on your Steam OS using your Steam Deck. As the development goes on, players will be able to get their hands on new characters, stages, quests, and items.

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