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Jagged Alliance 3: Pirate Gold Quest Guide

Having trouble completing the Pirate Gold quest in Jagged Alliance 3? Then here's a quick quest walkthrough for you.

The Pirate Gold quest in Jagged Alliance 3 is pretty easy to complete but can only get you profit if you make the right choice. This quest is given by Father Tooker of Fleatown who tells you about a restless spirit haunting the church. So as the president is missing, it’s your responsibility to take the matter into your hand to make the people of Grand Chein feel safe. However, doing so can get tricky if you don’t pay attention to the clues. But don’t worry to speed up the process below we have a quick walkthrough of the JA3 Pirate Gold quest.

How to Complete Pirate Gold Quest in Jagged Alliance 3

How To Complete Pirate Gold Quest In Jagged Alliance 3 quest guide

To complete the Pirate Gold quest in Jagged Alliance 3, you’ll first have to defeat the Restless Spirit hiding in the Jungle (I10). But before you could do that, you’ll have to examine a map drawn in the sand. Once you’re done with that simply press ‘O’ to bring up the marks to place mercs and ambush the ghost. After that, there’ll be a series of dialogues & options that you have to select mindfully. For a better understanding, go ahead and check out the entire quest walkthrough mentioned below.

  1. First, go to the Fleatown (H8) and meet the priest Tooker to take on the quest.
  2. Next, head to the Jungle River Bank (I10) across Rimville to find the Restless Ghost location in JA3.
  3. After reaching there, you’ll see a pack of Legions that you have to defeat.
  4. Once you’re done with that, simply examine the spot with a white drawing and a Magnifine glass icon.
  5. After you’re done examining, simply press ‘O’ on your keyboard.
  6. Doing so will trigger 3 ambush spots at the entrance of the area.
  7. Go ahead and simply place mercs in the ambush spots.
  8. And then, the Restless Ghost will appear whom you have to defeat.
  9. Once the job is done, head back to the Church of Fleatown and interact with Father Tooker.
  10. Here you’ll get a few options that you have to select carefully to complete the Pirate Gold Quest In Jagged Alliance 3.
    • Option 1: You can tell the priest about the treasure map you examined. Doing so will not only get 20 Loyalty but also a chance to interact with the Wolf.
    • Option 2: Don’t talk about the map. But that will only get you 5 Loyalty and no chance to examine the statue.
  11. If you choose the second option or just avoid interacting with the priest, then you can still examine the Wolf Statue. Doing that will trigger another set of options to pick from.
    • Option 1: Say that you’re collecting evidence and take the Statue with you. But for that, you’ll need the Scoundrel perk.
    • Option 2: Simply give the statue to Father Tooker and get rewarded a good amount of Loyalty.
    • Option 3: Go ahead and just take the statue after all there’s no one who can stop you. But this will affect Loyalty in a negative way.

After you select any one of the options, it will put an end to the Restless ghost hunt and the Pirate Gold quest in Jagged Alliance 3. If you’re wondering which guns will be the best for your mercs then check out the list of Best Weapons to use. Also, take a look at some of the JA3 Cheats & Mods you should try.