Dragon’s Dogma 2 Compiling Shaders Stuck Fix

Trying to play some DD2 but are stuck on the compiling shaders screen as it is progressing very slowly? Well, here are some things to help you fix it or speed things up.

Like many games, when you start Dragon’s Dogma 2 the first time, it will start compiling shaders but many players get stuck here and are looking for a fix. This is usually a one-time process and happens again when either a new version is out or if you change your system or certain parts of its specs like your graphics card. But let us not digress here is what you can do if it isn’t progressing at all.

How to Fix Compiling Shaders for Dragon’s Dogma 2

How You Can Fix Dragons Dogma 2 Compiling Shaders Taking Long
Image Credits: CAPCOM. How to compile shaders quickly and play DD2.

You should have your graphics drivers updated before starting the game, you can also try some basic workarounds, but if those don’t work there isn’t much that you can do about it. Here are them all:

  • Update your Graphics Card drivers: It is very important you check if there are any driver updates available for your Graphics Card. If there is then make sure you download and install the latest drivers. It is also a good idea to restart your system. Once ready now launch the game and DD2 should compile shaders faster.

Typically the process should take an average of 10-15 minutes, but even in slower cases, it shouldn’t take you more than 20 or 25 minutes. In case that doesn’t work here are the next things that you can try:

  • Restart the game: If it has been compiling for 5-10 minutes now but hasn’t progressed then you should close the game. Make sure you also end any of its processes from the Task Manager if needed. Now restart the game, this will restart the compilation process from 0 but it should be faster.
  • Verify Game Files: Steam lets you verify the file integrity of your games. You can scan it once and see if it helps. Although this solution isn’t that much of a help but is worth trying out.
  • Reinstall DD2: Another thing that you could try is to uninstall Dragon’s Dogma 2 and reinstall it. After a fresh installation see if it still takes that long to compile.

Do remember to track how long it is taking to compile the shaders and also check your CPU temperature. If it is taking too long then you might probably want to stop the process because it is possible for you to be ineligible for a refund if it crosses the 2-hour mark even though you didn’t play it.

That is all for compiling shaders taking too long for Dragon’s Dogma 2. If you got into the game and are setting up your character then you should also check out what Moniker is.