Fix Street Fighter 6 Communication Error 50200-20605

Can't play Street Fighter 6 due to the communication error? Here is how you can fix it.

Many players are getting the Communication Error in Street Fighter 6 with the code 50200-20605 and need a fix for it. This issue can be bothersome as it prevents you from enjoying the game’s Battle Hub. But luckily there are a few things that you can do if you come across it. So here are the fixes that you should try for this error.

How to Fix Communication Error in Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 Communication Error Fix
Image Credit: @bee_not_hachi on Twitter

You get the communication error for two reasons, first, the game’s server might be down. And alternatively, there could be some problem with your connection. At the time of writing this article the game is facing issues with its Custom Rooms. That will be fixed when they resolve it at their end. But for other issues use the fixes below:

Check Server Status

You should check the Street Fighter official Twitter page. This is the best place to find out if the servers are down or if they are under maintenance and when they will be back up. So once they are resolved you should be able to play again without any trouble.

Restart the Game

Starting with the most basic fix. Close the game. For PC you can close it using the Task Manager, as for PS5 and Xbox close the game manually and not just minimize it. Once it is turned off properly, start the game and check if you still get the error.

Check your Internet Connection

As mentioned, one of the reasons you get this error is because of a poor internet connection. You should check your internet connection by doing a speed test to check if you are getting proper speed and if your internet is stable. Try using a wired connection to ensure you get a stable and smoother connection.

Refresh your Connection

If you find that your internet is down or not stable then refreshing it might help fix this issue. For a wired connection plug out and plug in the Ethernet cable after waiting for a few seconds. As for a wireless connection, you can simply restart your PC or Console.

That’s all you can do to fix the Communication Error in SF6. While you wait for the game to work again check out our Best Characters Tier List for this game.