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Outriders Worldslayer: How To Beat Commander Ereshkigal

Check out our guide on how to beat Commander Ereshkigal in Outriders Worldslayer.

With the release of the Worldslayer expansion, several new features, campaigns, and bosses have been added into Outriders. As the expansion also features a new campaign, it features a challenging endgame boss. Upon your journey to save Enoch, you will encounter Commander Ereshkigal at the end of the campaign. And trust me, it won’t be an easy feat. It will be the most challenging boss fights out of them all. Not to worry, here’s our guide on how to beat Commander Ereshkigal in Outriders Worldslayer.

How to Beat Commander Ereshkigal in Outriders Worldslayer

As she has a wide range of supernatural abilities, we suggest maintaining a safe distance from her.
Here are some tips to defeat the Commander Ereshkigal:

  • Spoiler Alert! She is an Altered, just like all the Outriders.
  • So, maintain a safe distance and be cautious when she is flying around.
  • That’s because she is immune to all the attacks and abilities when she is on a higher ground flying above you.
  • When she is flying, she can also throw several red skulls around the arena. So, rather than attacking her, dodge the skulls coming in your way.
  • She can also summon allies to join the fight using her Dark Madness attack. These allies are the Cutthroats that deal with close-range combat.
  • When on the ground, you can attack her using ranged weapons. But be cautious of her tendrils as they can deplete your health.

outriders worldslayer how to beat commander ereshkigal

  • You need to be fast to dodge her attacks as she can rush right in your way to damage you.
  • As she expands her tendrils, it can cover a huge radius around the arena.
  • After she inflicts this attack, there’s a short time when she simply stands. This would be your best chance to damage her.
  • One of her attacks also includes dashing from one place to another vertically.
  • So, make sure to not be in her way when she dashes around. We suggest spamming her with the ranged weapons as she dashes.
  • You can play this boss fight in an easier difficulty mode to analyze her attacks.

Commander Ereshkigal Rewards

  • You will get a Pax point for defeating Commander Ereshkigal.
  • There are five of these points for defeating the bosses in the new campaign.
  • You will also get an Ascension point for defeating her.
  • Also, make sure to collect the loot  after eliminating her.

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