What Do Wordle Colors Yellow, Green, Gray Mean?

Confused about how Wordle works in terms of colors? Here's all about it!

Wordle has taken the world by storm and is still going strong after the takeover by NY Times. If you missed out on the viral word game when it was truly viral and are now thinking about getting into it, you might wonder – what do the colors green, yellow and gray mean in Wordle? The colors play an important role in your guesses – here’s everything you need to know about their meanings.

What do the Wordle Colors Mean?

what does yellow green gray mean wordle

Players get 6 tries, and in each one, you can attempt a 5-letter word. For your next guess, the game will show 3 colors that will work as hints for your next guess.

What Does Green Mean in Wordle?

Green means that the letter is in the CORRECT SPOT in the word. So, your next guess should be a 5-letter word with that letter in the exact same spot. Doing this will allow you to reach the answer in the fewest possible attempts.

What Does Yellow Mean in Wordle?

Yellow means that the letter exists in the word but is in the WRONG SPOT. So, your next guess should have the letter but in a different spot. If you play another word with that letter in the same spot, you may be wasting your attempt.

What Does Gray Mean in Wordle?

Gray means that the letter isn’t present in the Wordle answer at all. This means you must guess another word without the existence of the gray letter. This will help you narrow down your next guess.

Follow these color rules and you will be able to guess the answer easily. In case you need some help, our Wordle guides will assist you. You can also find a whole list of previous Wordle answers ever since it went viral, along with how to play previous puzzles. Plus, here are some tools to help you solve daily puzzles easily.