How To Get Coffee In Story Of Seasons Pioneers Of Olive Town

Here's how to get Coffee in SoS PooT with Coffee Beans.

There are lots of resources that you have to obtain in this farming sim game and you will need certain items to give them as gifts too. In this article, we’ll provide info about one such gift and that’s Coffee. Wondering how to get Coffee in Story of Seasons (SoS) Pioneers of Olive Town? You get it from Coffee Beans and we will explain the entire process of obtaining this item right here in this guide.

How to Get Coffee in Pioneers of Olive Town

How to Get Coffee Beans in Pioneers of Olive Town (SoS PoOT)

Players can use a Powder Maker to create powdery seasonings like Coffee in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town. What you need is Coffee Beans and insert them into the Powder Maker. It will process Coffee beans after you wait a certain amount of in-game time. Do note that the Powder Maker will cost you 3 Silver Ingots and thankfully, you can create multiple seasonings from it including wheat, cocoa powder and herbs. With more Makers, you can create more materials faster.

Do note that you need a Seasoning Maker to create regular items/seasonings like salt, pepper and sugar. The Powder Maker will produce different items.

How to Get Coffee Beans in SoS PoOT

Players can get Coffee Beans by harvesting Coffee Seedlings. To make things faster, you can also purchase Coffee Beans from the General Store during Spring. Now, apart from this material, you will also find lots of other items here including various seeds you can use for farming. So, make sure to plan your purchase list beforehand. Remember that on Tuesdays, the shop is closed and on working days, its hours are from 8am to 6pm.

Luckily, Coffee is also Damon’s Favorite Gift in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town. So, to impress him, you can follow the steps mentioned in this guide.

That’s all about getting Coffee in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town. (SoS PoOT). If you are looking for more best gifts to give to villagers, we’ve got a gift guide right here for you. Plus, we’ve got lots more tips and tricks for you that will help you level up your game as well.