Story of Seasons: Olive Town Medals Guide: What to do with Town Medals?

Can I sell Bronze, Silver & Gold Medal?

Town medals are common rewards you will earn in Story of Seasons: Olive Town. There are Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals in the game and if you are wondering what to do with the same then keep reading. Brozen Medals are the easiest to collect while silver and gold are a little rare. They are quite a useful item in the game and here is what to do with medals in Story of Seasons: Olive Town.

What to do with Medals in Story of Seasons: Olive Town?

Before we begin with the guide let’s first check out the ways of getting these medals. Medals are also a part of the achievement system in the game. The more you have, the more your characters will level-up. You can earn medals by completing objectives. For example, cutting grass, or taking your pet for a walk. You will see a notification regarding new titles, and you will have to visit the Town Hall to claim the same.

Go to the Town Hall and at the back of the room look for a Letter Box. It is easy to find, interact with the box and select “Accept Title Rewards“. Rewards in Story of Seasons: Olive Town is linked with milestones. They can be achieved by completing certain tasks, and this where you will keep earning Town Medals.

Medals are available in three colors: Bronze, Silver & Gold. Bronze will earn easily while Silver will take town and Gold is reserved for the tougher tasks. Now you have learned how to earn  Medals in Story of Seasons: Olive Town now will move forward to check out what to do with the medals.

How to sell Medals for cash?

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Bronze Medals can be sold for 100G, Silver can be cashout for 500G, and Gold for 1000G. You can use the money to buy out new stuff in the game. If you are not willing to sell the medals in Story of Seasons then you can store them in the storage box. It will consume three slots, you can sell them later whenever you are in a need of urgent cash.

To sell the Town Medals sput your medals in the shipping bin near your house. You will receive the cash the next day.  It is necessary to complete objectives so that you can keep earning medals by completing milestones. Having enough money in your pocket will help you to do a lot of things in the game.