What Are Call Of Duty Mobile Test Servers? (Explained)

Wondering what are the CODM test servers APK? Here’s everything you need to know.

Call of Duty Mobile has been around for a long time and with season after season and update after update, it’s providing a new kind of experience to mobile gamers. Having said that, it has seen its fair share of ups and downs while competing with the likes of PUBG Mobile. However, CODM has its own stand and fanbase that gets treated often to options like the test servers.

If you are new to CODM entirely, you may not be aware of what these servers are and what additional benefits players can get from those. Our guide has everything you need on these servers and how they can help with your gameplay.

What are CODM Test Servers?

What Are Call Of Duty Mobile Test Servers
Image Source: Call of Duty

Apart from the normal servers, CODM Test Servers allow players to test the new seasonal updates. Players can check out all that is new with the season and what new game modes or mechanics they can expect in the new update. While they were limited to Android earlier, iOS players can also enjoy these servers aka Test Flight.

These official links are provided by Call of Duty themselves and once players register, they will get the chance to test out the new update. Having said that, there are a lot of APKs floating around that claim to be a part of the test servers.

Are APKs for CODM Test Servers Safe?

That’s the first question that pops up in anyone’s mind when we talk about third-party applications or websites. These APKs are not really safe and unless you want to put your data at risk, it’s best if you use the official channels.

Players can collect some COD Points or CP by taking part in these test servers.

That’s everything you will need from this guide. If you like playing COD Mobile, do check out our other guides in our dedicated section here at Gamer Tweak.