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Call Of Duty Warzone: How To Get Pumpkin Head

Want to look cool in COD Warzone? Get the pumpkin head.

The currently running Haunting of Verdansk event brings a lot of spooky addition to Warzone. One of the many additions that you will spot while playing the game during this Halloween event is pumpkin heads. You might have noticed many players with that pumpkin head and wondered where did they get it from. The pumpkin head is not a skin available in the in-game store. So, where the hell can you get pumpkin head in Warzone. Well, here’s the thing.

How to Get Pumpkin Head in COD Warzone

To get pumpkin head in Warzone, you will have to kill enemies. You might think that “I already do kill enemies for winning the game, how am I suppose to get a skin for that?” You certainly will.

The Haunting of Verdansk event running, your character’s head will turn to Jack-O-Lantern or the pumpkin head as you might say when you kill 3 enemies. That’s all you need to do to get pumpkin head in COD Warzone. A pumpkin head sounds cool right, but only until you see your pumpkin head in fire, which by the way becomes even cooler.

If you take the kill count to 10, the pumpkin head will catch fire. Now, your character will be defeating enemies with a head blazing with fire flames. You can get the Jack-O-Lantern or the pumpkin head while playing in any game mode.

how to get pumpkin head in COD modern warfare

There are way many more twists that the Halloween-themed The Haunting of Verdansk event has brought to Warzone. You can now enter a Zombie battle royale, where players will turn to zombies when killed. That’s not it, there is more. If you become a zombie, you can get back into the game by becoming a human. All you have to do is collect two syringes dropped by other players when killed.

The squad with the last man standing in the Zombie battle royale as a human will win the game. The event also features a Warzone Night Mode where you will have only the moonlight to guide you on the roads and wilds of Verdansk.

Apart from getting the pumpkin head in Warzone, you can also get valuable items such as the Cleaver melee weapon and the Pumpkin Punisher blueprint during this event. All you need to do is open as many Trick or Treat boxes as possible while playing the game.

I hope now you know how to get pumpkin head in COD Warzone. So what are you waiting for, enter the arena and kill everyone who shows up in front of you to get the cool pumpkin head?