How To Play Warzone Night Mode In Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

Play the newly added Warzone Night Mode in COD Modern Warfare.

The Haunting of Verdansk event is currently running in Warzone and players can now experience the spooky twist in Modern Warfare. The event has also introduced a new night mode to the game. There is no change in the map or the landscape in the night mode, except for that you will be playing with just the moonlight to walk you through the battle. Here’s how you can play Warzone Night Mode in COD Modern Warfare.

The official COD website states that you will see a creepy doll, chainsaw-wielding ghost, and a Ghost train in the game. It is advisable to use avoid tac lasers, thermal scopes, and the Cold-Blooded perk for survival.

How to Play Warzone Night Mode in COD Modern Warfare

how to play night mode in the haunting of verdansk

To play the Warzone Night Mode in COD Modern Warfare, all you need to do is head to the menu and select BR Trick-or-Treat Trios mode. This might be confusing as the option to enter the night mode does not read night mode but BR Trick-or-Treat Trios.

Once you click on the option, you will enter the Warzone Night Mode and as usual, your pairing will be done randomly. The night mode also features the Trick or Treat Supply boxes in the battle. Hence, you can start collecting gifts from these boxes as soon as you land in Verdansk. Some of the precious rewards you can get from the boxes are the Cleaver melee weapon and the Pumpkin Punisher blueprint.

That’s everything we have to tell about how to play Warzone Night Mode in Call Of Duty Warfare. The Haunting of Verdansk has also added more such kind of spooky content in the game. You can read our COD Warzone The Haunting of Verdansk details guide to know everything about the Halloween event right from the start date to the added content.