Call Of Duty: Vanguard VS Battlefield 2042: Which Should You Pick?

Call Of Duty Vanguard Vs Battlefield 2042, which is better? Let's find out.

The age-old battle has begun. In the Fall of 2021, the two biggest titles are being released and this has gotten both of their Communities exhilarated. Call Of Duty Vanguard VS Battlefield 2042, which Shooter game is better? Who has the better Graphics? Will Mr. Chompy make his reappearance? All of these questions will be answered in this guide.

Call Of Duty Vanguard VS Battlefield 2042

Since both games are in the same genre, there will be many similarities but the difference is what will decide who is better. Since Call Of Duty Vanguard and Battlefield 2042 are estimated to be $60 & $70 respectfully, knowing those differences may decide what you will spend your money on. Also, you will need to spend a lot of time in these games so you will need to pick the right one if you don’t have the luxury of having both.

Call Of Duty Vanguard & Battlefield 2042 – Theme

cod vanguard
Call Of Duty Vanguard

Call Of Duty Vanguard takes place in the World War II Era. Here you will play as one of four members of the Vanguard against the four forces being the Eastern Front, the North Africa, the South Pacific, and the Western Front. This was kind of a mixed bag for the Community as Activision had already made a WWII rendition in the form of 2017’s Call Of Duty WWII. Battlefield 2042 has made its setting in the Modern Era. The World is on brink of war and you must emerge as a victor among the chaos.

Depending on the theme you may sway from either game. If you want to play the time-old classic of WWII setting them Call Of Duty Vanguard is going to be your choice. If Modern Day Battles are your thing this Battlefield 2042 is your go-to.

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Call Of Duty Vanguard & Battlefield 2042 – Singleplayer Mode

battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 has forgone its Singleplayer mode for its expansive Multiplayer. You can play with bots in different game modes but this is as close to a Singleplayer Mode in Battlefield 2042. Call Of Duty Vanguard on the other hand has an immersive Singleplayer Mode which has been one of Call Of Duty’s strong points. With the game set in the WWII Era, the single-player story will be thrilling and engaging.

No gamer is the same, some people don’t consider the single-player aspect of the game while others do. Call Of Duty has consistently made Titles over the years where each of them has continuity to the Story. You have memorable characters like Capt. John Price. The same cant be said for Battlefield. Battlefield did have Singleplayer in other Titles but hasn’t been as popular as Call Of Duty.

Multiplayer Mode

As stated, Battlefield 2042 doesn’t have Singleplayer Mode but has by far the most ambitious Multiplayer Mode with a 128 players lobby for PC and newer gen consoles while older ones get a 64 lobby. This is where your adrenaline gets pumping as you will play in a 64v64 or 32v32 TDM while capturing zones on the map. The All-Out Warfare in Battlefield 2042 will play differently from other Battlefield versions as instead of capturing one flag and moving on, you will have to capture multiple smaller flags that will then capture the Sector for your side. Along with this Battlefield 2042 has other game modes like Battlefield Portal that blurs timelines and lets you play in the classics like Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3. You can also play in these maps with the Contents of Battlefield 2042.  It’s a custom game mode where you have the freedom to do whatever you want. One of the newest game modes is Hazard Zone, not much is revealed about it but it is stated to be a game-changer for Battlefield.

Along with its Singleplayer Mode, Call Of Duty Vanguard has several Multiplayer Modes with a new Combat-Pacing system that applies modifiers Tactical, Assault, and Blitz. These modifiers play out from slow and methodical to frantic and intense action-packed combat in that order. Tactical is a 6v6 Mode, Assault ranges from 16 to 28 players for 8v8 and 14v14 games, and Blitz is a 28 to 48 players utter chaos mode. There is a 2v2 Gunfight mode and Champion Hill. Call Of Duty Vanguard introduces a new game mode called Patrol. Patrol captures the zone type of mode with a twist. The zone will constantly be on the move and you will have to play around it. This mode is similar to Hardpoint. Call Of Duty would not be without the classic modes of Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, Domination, and Search & Destroy.

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Game Mechanics & Graphics

Although both games are of the same genre they play very differently. Call Of Duty has always been a fast-paced, action-packed, adrenaline-pumping type of game very the matches would go by at lightning speeds. This Arcade style of play is what makes a Call Of Duty game this is going to be true for Call Of Duty Vanguard as well. Battlefield 2042 is not as fast pace as Call Of Duty Vanguard, Battlefield 2042 guns require more precision and understanding of game physics like bullet drop and recoil. Call Of Duty Vanguard has minimum gun recoil which allows the speedy games.

Battlefield 2042 has the upper edge on Call Of Duty Vanguard in terms of terrain interaction. Call Of Duty Vanguard has destructible but they are limited to doors, windows, and such. In Battlefield 2042, there is the utter destruction of terrain elements like walls and buildings themselves. You can bring down a Skyscrapper if it gives the team an advantage. The terrain keeps changing at critical moments in Battlefield 2042 and these changes aren’t small.

Battlefield 2042 maps are gigantic with Sky Boxes so massive that allow Aerial Combats and Dogfights. There is so much verticality and the game has weather generation that changes in the course of the game. One time it will be Sunny to Foggy to a devasting Storms. With its vast range of vehicular selections, there is a ton of roles you can fulfill in Battlefield 2042. Call Of Duty Vanguard doesn’t have such features as of yet, guns are the primary mode of combat. Obviously, with the integration of Call Of Duty Warzone you can have some leeway but that still pales to what Battlefield has to offer.

In terms of graphics, Battlefield was beating Call Of Duty but with these titles, the lines have been blurred. Both are equally amazing and gorgeous with their own set of quirks. As the years go by, both franchises have been taking notes from each other. Battlefield has reduced its environmental scale to focus on its Specialist Roles while Call Of Duty has been focusing on Larger Maps and such.


Call Of Duty Vanguard and Battlefield 2042 are both amazing games. Both cater towards different Playerbases. You can either Dive into the massive, immersive, and realistic world of Battlefield 2042 or the immersive world of WWII with Call Of Duty Vanguard in fast pace games. The choice is yours, either game won’t disappoint you. As for Mr. Chompy, I bet we will see him somewhere in the world of Battlefield 2042. If you want a better understanding of the difference then I suggest checking out our Youtube video on this topic.

This was my take on Battlefield 2042 and Call Of Duty Vanguard. Hopefully, this guide has helped you in deciding which game you want if it’s not both. You can also check out our other Features.