How To Report Cheaters In COD Vanguard?

Report cheaters in COD Vanguard to have a better gameplay experience.

Yes, we encourage you to report any and all cheaters and hackers in COD Vanguard. These ‘players’ have been a constant headache and are now back with their antics on Vanguard. The game has barely been out in its beta testing phase and there already are a ton of users who are using various hacks. And these are not the types of hacks you can make TikToks out of. So, let’s find out how to report and ban such users.

How to report and ban cheaters in COD Vanguard?

COD Vanguard Report Cheaters: How To Dismiss Hackers?

  • The very first thing you have to do to report a player is to open the Social Tab. You can do this by clicking on the Y/Triangle button on XBOX/PlayStation respectively. On PC, you have to simply open the Social Tab.
  • Now, look for the Recent Players option in the list.
  • Look for the username of the player who you think is using any cheating measures. Simply go over to the name and highlight the name by selecting it.
  • After this click the A/X button on XBOX/PlayStation respectively. For PC, simply left-click on the player name.
  • Select the Report Player option from the list that comes up.
  • Choose any of the available options and you will have successfully filed a report against the Cheaters in COD Vanguard.

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Cheaters have been a massive problem when it comes to any COD game. Luckily, this time around the players who use such measures will also get a hardware ban. These are some positive steps. Now, let’s just hope that COD manages to get a good anti-cheating software in place.

This is everything you need to know about how to report cheaters in COD Vanguard. While you are here, you can also have a look at how to download the game when it releases.