Call Of Duty Mobile Season 7: Release Date, New Weapons, Zombies Return And Much More

The Season 7 is releasing soon

COD Mobile Season 7 is here, and there is much to celebrate. The Season 6 –Once Upon A Time In Rust having run it’s 2 successful months, is about to terminate on 1st June 2020. Season 6 gave us the much-loved features – Rust and Saloon Map, Capture the Flag – Gold edition game mode, strategic ziplines in Aerial platforms, and the invisibility trick in Battle Royal. This set the benchmark for COD mobile among other Battle Royales in the market like PUBG, Garena Free Fire, and Fortnite. This has made the success of Season 7 all the more necessary. With several leaks showing up on social media, here is all we know about the features and the release date of COD Mobile Season 7.

Battle Pass for COD Mobile Season 7

Activision has revealed on its Twitter page that the Season 7 will have a classic touch to its theme. They further added that one of the Seasons was intentionally planned to be loaded with colorful skins and cosmetics (Season 6) to pave way for the next Season having the good-old military theme.
The Season 7 will be military-focused and the Battle Passes, like always, will release 2 days after the new Season update. This will put the Battle Pass sale on mostly a Friday of June first week.

New Features of COD Mobile Season 7

Modern Warfare’s Scorestreak

Resembling a 3 Missile Cluster Strike from COD Modern Warfare, this will be a lethal addition to the Battle Royale genre. You can set aim at a player by pointing the laser marker at them, and hit the Cluster Strike Button. This will initiate an airstrike of 6 missiles on the marked player. Being a deadly asset, the Cluster Strike will most definitely be limited to one-time-use per game or rechargeable with time.

New Weapons

The strongest long-range assault rifle in COD Mobile, HBRa3 will now be available for free. Costing a hefty amount in the in-game store, COD gamers can finally have the chance to use it for free.
The short-stroke assault rifle, G36 has been doing the test rounds with the beta players and most probably will be added in Season 7. Other guns like KN-44 Ashen Viper, M249 SAW, MP7, KRM-262, GPAS-12, H28, NA-45 are rumored to make an entry into the weapon roster as well.

New Maps and Drop Locations

Earlier this year, Activision had engaged their COD users in a community poll to select what maps they’d like to see in the next Season. Rust dominated the list and went on to become the main map for Season 6. This leaves us with the Dome, Terminal, Highrise, and Shipment map.
The Shipment had appeared in the pre-alpha trailer of the game, so it is highly likely to see it as a multiplayer map.
There are also 7 new drop locations being introduced in Season 7. These locations will be situated on a different island, connected by a bridge –

  • Shipyard
  • Wetland
  • Paramount
  • Border Village
  • Black Market
  • Skitown
  • Hospital

Return of the Zombies


COD Zombies was anonymously called off in Season 4 due to it’s deviating nature from the actual spirit of the game. But data miners recently spotted a game file for Richtofen, one of the main protagonists of COD: Mobile Zombies. This has given hope to fans that zombies might make an entry in the game again. If the news is confirmed, gamers are in for a treat – the Tranzit and Nacht Der Untoten maps will be a part of COD: Mobile Season 7 as well.

When does the COD Mobile Season 7 release?

According to Activision, COD Mobile Season 6 battle pass expires on 1st June. This makes the chances of Season 7 releasing the following week a high possibility. Usually, the patches for COD Mobile release just before a weekend to get the gamers ready, we can expect Season 7 update to release on 29th May or somewhere in that ballpark.