Will Microsoft Ruin Call Of Duty On PlayStation?

Check out what could possibly happen with Call of Duty on PlayStation if Microsoft owns Activision.

Microsoft Gaming’s CEO, Phil Spencer has his eyes set on Activision’s Call of Duty franchise. This somehow raises the question – Will Microsoft Make Activision Games Xbox Exclusive? However, according to the FTC vs Microsoft Hearing, Phil has promised to make COD available on PlayStation even after the acquisition. But will our beloved COD remain the same after Microsoft’s acquisition? Or in other scenarios, will Microsoft ruin the classic Call of Duty experience on PlayStation consoles? Here’s where you can find everything on this topic.

What’s the Future of COD on PS after Microsoft’s Acquisition?

Call of Duty on PlayStation after Microsoft acquires Activision

According to the latest FTC vs Microsoft Hearing, even Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, said that Call of Duty won’t go off PlayStation. They have no plans on making the Activision titles an Xbox exclusive for the next 10 years. And even if COD becomes an Xbox exclusive, Microsoft will continue shipping it to Sony and Nintendo. Here’s what Nadella said when Microsoft’s Lawyers asked him the same:

Lawyer: Will you commit to continue delivering Call of Duty on PlayStation?

Nadella: 100 percent!

This single statement proves that Microsoft has no intention of damaging Call of Duty for PlayStation. So, what are we missing here?

According to Jim Ryan’s (PlayStation’s Chief) Testimony – Sony won’t be able to share information about the next PlayStation Console with Activision if Microsoft’s acquisition happens. Ryan’s concern is understandable as no one would want to share their confidential information with a company that is owned by a rival.

Moreover, Jim Ryan has also revealed that there was a collaboration between Activision & PlayStation for enhancing the controller’s Haptic feedback. If Microsoft acquires Call of Duty, then we won’t be able to experience that improvisation on PlayStation.

For now, the FTC regulators have asked Microsoft to take back their proposed acquisition before July 18th. Or else, they’ll either have to pay breakup fees to Activision Blizzard or renegotiate with them on new terms and contracts.

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For now, it seems like Call of Duty is somewhat safe on PlayStation regardless of its acquisition by Microsoft. Besides this, know Why Activision’s CEO Bobby Kotick Regrets Not Releasing Call Of Duty On Switch. For more such informative content, make sure to check out our other News Articles on Gamer Tweak.