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Call of Duty Mobile Redeem Codes (March 2023)

Get all the latest, valid and active codes to redeem in Call of Duty Mobile.

CoD Mobile is among the top-grossing action shooter games. Players from all around the globe fight against each other to rise as the best. And if you are one of them, check out this list of Call of Duty Mobile promo codes and win against all the opponents.

Note: These Codes are working on March 10, 2023. However, these codes are time sensitive and tend to expire in a few days. So it is recommended you use them as soon as possible.

All COD Mobile Redeem Codes (March 2023)

CoD Mobile Promo Codes

These codes are given by social media handles or by players who have made a name for themselves in the game. So here are all the new Call of Duty Mobile Codes:

  • Currently, there are no working codes. we will update the list as soon as we get new ones.

Expired Codes

  • BVVMZBZF3M – Get HBRa3 Red Discharge Skin (Global)
  • BMTUZBZXUD – Get x15 Purple Weapon XP Card
  • BMRNZBZNKC – Get M16 Alligator Alley Skin 7d
  • BMRCZCZ5CS – Get Neck Crack Emote
  • BMRMZBZESA – Get Man O War Tiger’s Eyes 7d
  • BLIKZCZNCM – Get DLQ33 Black Lime Skin
  • BLMLZCZH66 – Get M4 – MINOTAUR Skin (7d)
  • BJUOZBZCCP – Get RUS–79U Insulated Skin
  • BKGUZCZ7G8 – Get M4 Head Trauma
  • BLFUZBZTXS – Get Celebrate Crate
  • BLILZCZ5UE – Get Sharp Edges Crate
  • BKHDZBZ7U5 – Get BY15 Sight Unseen Skin and 2H Double Weapon XP Card (Global)
  • BJUMZBZEWE – Get Whatever emote
  • BJMJZCZ98H – Get AK–47 Trail and Error skin
  • BJMIZCZ9QD – Get AK–47 Trail and Error skin
  • BJRLZBZDV8 – Get Close Call emote
  • BJUNZBZBUA – Get J358 Aurora Borealis
  • BJUCZBZ448 – Get Ak117 Outcast
  • BJMGZCZRGT – Get Ak117 Color Burst
  • BJMMZCZAQS – Get AK–47 Trail and Error (7d)
  • BIVJZBZSUQ – Get Don’t Shoot emote
  • BIFBZBZSC9 – Get the Distraction crate from S6 and nomad skin
  • FTRHJAMPG – Get Epic Blueprint, AK 47 Barricade (Global)
  • BGMTZBZ4BV – Get SMRS – Dark Light, Backpack1 – Party Area and x1 Epic Weapon XP Card (Global)
  • BGMVZBZCU8 – Get QQ9 Iridescent gloss (Global)
  • BGMRZBZ6SH – Get ATV – Coined & Wirey Frame (Global)

How to Redeem Call of Duty Mobile Promo Codes

  • Launch your CoD Mobile app and head over to the main menu in the top left corner of your screen.
  • Choose the Profile section and copy your UID from the Player Profile screen. And close the application.
  • Go to Call of Duty Redemption Center and enter your UID along with the Redeem code.
  • You will also need to enter the captcha provided by the website to verify.
  • Once you have filled in all the required boxes hit the “Submit” button.
  • Relaunch your CoD app and check your in-game mailbox to collect the rewards.

That’s all you need to redeem CoD Call of Duty Mobile Promo Codes. Since you are already here, also see how to use Controller in CoD.